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4/4/2007 11:52:19 PM

"And, from what I gather from others' post, everyone else seems to share that view."

ROFLMAO! What? got a mouse in your pocket Niko? LOL...Or are you referring to the couple of DORKS that you call friends? Are those the "others?" LOL...and BTW...those are LIES in your post about RMBS! But I'll let you have that moment, for their might just be a newbe reading this for the first time, and he also may get a hard-on and want his 15 minutes of fame like you once did! But we wont tell him or her how I REPEATEDLY shot you down in flames over n over.

"Hey Rag,

You keep bringing up RMBS, but those who read my post from the beginning would tell you that my original prediction was correct. It went up to where I said it would and then reversed."

Your "prediction" failed you moron!!! ROFLMAO! It was "MY" grafitti (prediction) that made you kneel to me, and say "okay Riggs you win!" remember that? Oh, but of course you's now ancient history huh?

You dumb idiot I will always squash you like the bug that you are. Go back to your penny stocks Niko! LOL....


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4/5/2007 1:22:41 AM

I would have been delighted to nail your otherwise sorry ass but since forum nannies were resorting to censorship and, moreover, I have nothing to gain other than more of your trash talk, what else am I to say but "okay Riggs you win!"? It shows what a gullible moron you are.

At any rate, I never expected you to accept my challenge. It was you, after all, who replied that we should "paper trade" when I asked you to produce proof of your larger-than-life trash talk. Don't you remember? I thought not. But you should note that I still have your sweet reply framed and hung on the wall. Shall I repost it for everyone to see?

Yet you speak volumes about your watered-down wit. Personally, I think you're a lousy trader at best. If not, what's preventing you from showing the world of the success that you're so fond of bragging 24/7?

Now, WallStreetWhore, shall we dance to the tune of danse macabre for the last time? Throw me all your tasteless and witless, if not spineless, subhuman trash talk. Humor me. Humor me. Humor me. ROFLMAO I am not!!!

Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back,
just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan
This is Stan (uhmm, Niko I meant)

You gotta call me man, I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose
Sincerely yours, Stan (uhmm, Niko I meant)
-- P.S. We should be together too

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4/5/2007 12:53:27 PM

Do they pave the "Death March" with green bars these days.

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4/5/2007 3:33:49 PM


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4/5/2007 8:02:44 PM


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4/6/2007 1:27:33 AM


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4/6/2007 2:20:11 AM


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4/6/2007 5:26:19 PM

Dang!! S&P = 1443!!
Are we going BACK to 1460 AGAIN?
That was a helluva DEAD CAT BOUNCE!

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4/6/2007 7:59:14 PM

I guess Buffett was right! Trying to guess market direction is a wasteand stirs up emotions in people. Definetly the best free entertainment on the web this thread is though!

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4/6/2007 8:42:13 PM

I laugh everytime I see a post by "GENIUS".

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