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General Discussion · More confirmation of AS214s long term brilliance!
msg #63435
6/6/2008 1:00:16 PM

Ticker HP!!

Look at this thread from a fellow forum member , the date, and look at the price of the stock now. Buying 200K worth of leaps would have made this dude a millionaire... THE MONEY IS IN LONG TERM MOVES!!

General Discussion · AS214's value gem for those with a sweet tooth!
msg #62654
5/15/2008 3:29:24 PM


On the next down day this stock has assuming it's on low volume I will be buying 15K shares of this underpriced monster. Besides natural gas, sugar is the most underpriced commodity in the world. I dont know when IPSU will blast off but I know it's trading at a wonderful margin of safety now with limited downside.

Good luck all!

General Discussion · ANOTHER LONG TERM AS214 GEM!
msg #62320
5/8/2008 10:12:51 AM

BVF up 7% so far today! AS 214s accelerating cash flow strategy is working nicely here! Should be 15 by end of summer with a big fat double digit divvy to go!.. Buy em when nobody else wants em..

General Discussion · AS214 ZINC closes above 15 today..up over 5 % today alone!
msg #62241
5/6/2008 4:08:21 PM

I have no alterior motive here. I just want to introduce you folks to a value component that will make your short term trading more sound, productive, efficient, and profitable. That's why I am an advocate of RTO's one stock style. If you must short term trade and you do it withone stock only, not only will see how the stock moves on a day in day out basis..but you'll become much more cognisant of WHAT makes that stock move the way it does. You will take more of an interest in your breadwinner, and will gracefully come in tune with it. Good luck!

General Discussion · Do you pure technicians agree with this article?
msg #62083
5/2/2008 4:04:28 PM

As a deep value investor I haven't had the level of technical experience as this guy has, just curious as to what you guys think about it ! Very good read!

msg #62081
5/2/2008 3:42:26 PM

BVF UP 10% (That doesnt even include the 13% divy)

I'm hoping for a big earnings miss on ZINC because I want to buy alot more. Fundamental data precedes price change.

General Discussion · ANOTHER LONG TERM AS214 GEM!
msg #61625
4/20/2008 9:15:43 AM

BIOVAL...BVF! Forget Chase Bank, Citibank, or whoever you may have a savings account with. Mr. Buffett and Mr Soros have been buying up BIO firms lately particularly GSK. As214 is in for 20,000 shares of BVF at 10.26, so if you are interested in getting a nice 13 percent dividend on a stock trading at 1/3 of its current worth BVF is your ticket. This underpriced monster can trde flat for the next year and youll still get a five time return compared to what any savins account at a bank will give you. I am therefore issuing a buy on any pullback below 10.50! I wouldnt want you wonderful people to pay anymore than I had to ( Except for Niko and his sidekick RTucker)!
Good luck all. Im checking out for a week. Off to my vacation home in Aspen no computers just skiing and snowmobiling. Later!

General Discussion · DRYS (4-8-08)
msg #61552
4/17/2008 11:26:46 AM

Hi John,

I really enjoy your posts and I admire your swing trading style. I think that that is the shortest timeframe one should ever use to maintain consistent profits and good quality of life over the long haul. Keep em comin!

General Discussion · AS214'S NEXT VALUE PICK!
msg #61551
4/17/2008 11:23:15 AM


It is good to see people contribute with ideas that work for them, so thanks for writing.
Your recent long value picks of commodities, and SSL being a foriegn company, would help insulate you from a falling dollar and hopefully will outpace inflation.
-If there is a dollar crash, will there be value in the dollars when you sell?
-If there is a broadmarket drop, what will the impact be to the long positions?
Goldbugs say there is no other "safe haven" in todays economic climate. You aren't picking overvalued stocks to short. What is your take on how one should be positioned today?

Thanks again

Thank you sir for recognizing my SSL pick from over a year ago. It was a pleasure for me to recommend that to a fellow poster here who I admire a great deal. As for your question about a dollar crash..the dollar has already been crashing. I can't control that so i dont worry about it. I cant control macroeconomic issues. I take a bottoms up approach just like Buffett. I dont focus on the noise. If the market drops, I feel I am positioned well to weather the storm. Most of my long positions are in steel from over a year ago, and also Natural Gas more recently as a few months ago. Natural gas was sooo undervalued when I bought it it was the equivilant of buying oil at 20/barrel. Natural Gas is still undervalued and I will be holding my positions in it for next two-four years. Natural Gas is the only viable alternative energy, as bio and wind simply dont have the infrastructures in place to be utilized in the immediate future. My largest holding in NG ..CHK which I picked up in the low 30s is my big play here. The CEO has largely and consistently bought back shares on the open market EVEN AT 52 WEEK HIGHS.. IF THATS NOT CONVICTION I DONT KNOW WHAT IS? If CHK pulls back(AND I hope it does) from its current level I will buy more.

As for gold, I dont know too much about it because I never found a gold stock that was a value stock. I dont understand buying a gold stock for the long term either because eventually youll have to sell it for dollars anyway. If somebody was going to buy gold to me it would seem to make more sense to buy tangible, physical gold. This would also take away the inclination one might have for selling prematurely ! best of luck to you with all your endeavors!

msg #61549
4/17/2008 11:10:15 AM

Of course Niko made a wise crack, I've found him to always be a wonderful contrarian indicator. I'll be selling at true value of 32..OR with its accelerating cash flows going forward I'll hold with revised estimates.

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