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General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #96009
9/4/2010 2:05:55 AM

Obama is letting illegal aliens in in order to teach all of us subsistence farming after the complete collapse of the USA.Basket weaving is the past time for women and men will mostly raise chickens in the family automobile along side the garage since it will not be needed to commute to work anymore.Wave a sombrero when our pres drives by in his old black chevy.

General Discussion · Need an umbrella?
msg #95983
9/3/2010 12:22:20 PM

You guys are sure depressing when theres a warm summer rain and you have to get out the umbrella.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #95486
8/6/2010 1:48:53 PM

Banks are the reason a gallon of gas is still so high while unemployment is near 10%(whats REAL unemployment?)You would think in a recession gas/fuel would be half of what is is today.Banks have the fire power from Geithner and Bernanke's trillions given to them to choose what holds price in the world.Oil,Gold,Bonds(Obama's our debt to his pocket money recycling syndicate),and using the rest of the money to strap citizens with home,auto credit card,and other loans with whats left.I would feed toxic assets back to banks at a rate that would put them at a 1% profit until they were gone,how ever long it would take since their not making loans anyway.Have their highly bonusd Pros manage that.But that might sensibly solve one of our problems,something unfathomable up in DC Dummy Land!

Filter Exchange · Tails, ODRs & ROCdiv...OH MY !!!
msg #95334
8/3/2010 3:57:30 AM

Alfie,are you OK?

Filter Exchange · What the hell is the smart money
msg #95333
8/3/2010 3:53:36 AM

Occurrences prior to "wish I would of,could of,should of".

Filter Exchange · Tails, ODRs & ROCdiv...OH MY !!!
msg #95228
7/29/2010 12:51:20 PM

Last few days the bull getting lazier and sleepy slowly shutting his eyes.Reminds me of my dog.Maybe a stop @ 20.10 or so.

Got a lazy bull Alf?

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #95194
7/29/2010 4:26:11 AM

Hear ya JP.We just returned from vacation in St Augustine,FL.This is the oldest city in the US and when Pedro Menendez founded it in 1565 he and his men held the first Catholic mass in the US at that time.Go see this wonderful place.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #95170
7/28/2010 1:47:12 PM

Federal judge cuts out parts of AZ immigration law,the part that says police can not check a persons immigration status on a criminal stop,c'mon.Maybe AZ should charter 50 Greyhounds a day and ship illegals to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and drop em off with a Mickey D's bag for lunch and say here ya go.

Filter Exchange · Let\'s All ask SF To Tell Optionsplayer333 To LEAVE
msg #94826
7/16/2010 4:23:21 AM

Whats you say Lincoln(Abe)

General Discussion · TNA-TZA
msg #94721
7/12/2010 11:24:50 AM

Just touched 37.50 whoops was looking at TNA sori
You modded post

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