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General Discussion · Did Anyone else get this FAKE Email from Stockfetcher?
msg #159736
10/28/2022 11:00:23 PM

Official invitation from Stockfetcher October 28, 2022 2:33 PM
Hello (stockfetcher) VIP users.
We have launched a new business segment and set up a stock investment department with Mr. Nino. In order to give back to the company's support, we decided to recommend popular stocks for free for one month without charging any fees.
1. There are two kinds of stocks we recommend.
First we will /__REMOVED__/the hot stocks through our professional team according to the market situation. (The minimum return is expected to be 10%).
Second, our company will recommend 1-2 short-term high-yield stocks every month. (The minimum return is expected to be 50%)

2. If you choose to work with us and buy the stocks I recommend. You must follow my requirements to buy, only then I can guarantee your return

3: Our way of cooperation: We do not charge our clients any fees in advance. The client only needs to pay 15% of the profit as my commission after getting the profit
2: If you happen to need it, please add Mr. Nino's WhatsApp. +13322616767

What a bunch of $#*!+

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #159029
5/6/2022 10:41:28 AM

Sad - $32 Billion is a huge loss, no matter how rich you are.
I tried to warn everybody, but the rich don't listen to "the little people".

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158852
3/21/2022 7:31:13 AM

That kinda sux that you can't use the ROCs in "ribbon" form.
I appreciate your efforts, tho'.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158850
3/20/2022 8:59:59 PM

Sorry if I sound ungrateful ...
You know I don't write filters well...
I was hoping there was a way to draw each ROC on the chart.
I wanted to see what the crossovers looked like.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158844
3/20/2022 9:25:25 AM

Interesting ...
Hey MAC (or Cheese or anyone ...)
Can you write Pring's Special K filter for SF?
It's ROCs 10 to 530 ...


General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158837
3/19/2022 8:21:51 PM

March 14 was the turning point for the crappy of the crappiest.
bad grammar - the crappiest of the crappy

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158836
3/19/2022 8:12:19 PM

@ Cheese,
Re: "... and when it's time to buy, you won't want to ..."

Time to buy.
Look at your charts.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158760
3/8/2022 9:21:00 PM

Click the "N" on the chart ...

Okay, the "N" has "notes", but I could NEVER figure out how to make notations on SF charts.
My notes were "chatter": clean-energy chatter, green energy chatter, clean cars/electric car chatter.
BTW, electric cars are nothing new.
The first electric car was invented in 1830. But gas won out eventually.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158759
3/8/2022 9:13:30 PM

The exception (economic policy precedes MAs) is the 200DMA, which coincides with %^&*'s oil & gas production curbs.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158758
3/8/2022 8:48:37 PM

Like I said:

8,047 posts
msg #158736 3/6/2022 8:42:53 AM

Re: XLE and XOM ...
economic policy precedes moving averages.
The crystal ball is economic policy, not MAs.

Remember when the US was THE WORLD LEADER in crude oil production? That was just 4 years ago.
You were paying $1.85/gal for gas.
But *#^& shut down US production for domestic capacity when he became chief #@&*! and has now implemented an embargo on Russian oil.
So, you're gonna be paying $10/gal for gas soon.
Hope you'll be happy with that.
But what the hay! Your trading will certainly offset the additional expense, right?
Or are you all driving Teslas?
Warren Buffet bought OXY because (again) economic policy precedes moving averages.

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