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General Discussion · RDN
msg #66519
8/21/2008 4:43:24 PM


Whenever I gaze into my "mirror", I ALWAYS have my 6 Monitors FACING the mirror, but I didn't see the "bounce" you were speaking of. Hmmm? You mean the "bounce" to $3.02 on RDN? That "bounce?" LOL! Or the "bounce" of $4.93?....(.32 cents) BELOW what you bought at on ABK? That "bounce?"



Filter Exchange · ANOTHER BILLY 2
msg #66517
8/21/2008 4:24:23 PM

Billy 2, and every other buy filter I have checked on the filter exchange forum, don't work worth a damn when the market is falling. Just try any of them for June 19th 2008 and see the results. Best to wait for the S&P to be moving sideways - up.

Hey Genius, LOL...NOTHING works when the market is down! That's when you reverse the signals for SHORTING stocks. (as I stated in my instructions!) The more you read...the more you learn. Bits and pieces AREN'T ever gonna help you. I suggest you go back and read EVERYTHING I wrote about "Billy(2)"...NOT just what you WANTED to take from it. If I told you how much I have made since "June 19th" "SHORTING" stocks...your eyes would fall out of your head! Remember...

"there's more than one way to skin a cat!"

- Bill Clinton -


General Discussion · RDN
msg #66505
8/21/2008 11:38:45 AM

- Ignore dforant1 8/15/2008 7:20:45 PM

RDN rocks again today......


...and there's your exhausted "volume spike" as predicted. OBV is maxed out. Which means, everyone will now be selling. Remember, you posted this heads up at 6:30PM last night. Which means everyone missed all that cash on the gap today. The intraday chart shows the "crash" in progress. Do you see the max out on OBV, and where it currently is now? Do you see the negative divergence everywhere?

Now here's what you should have read b-4 your over extended discovory. Here's a quote from their recent conference call...

"Radian Asset is writing minimal new business and, the Company's principal mortgage insurance subsidiary ("Radian Guaranty"), such that Radian Asset will become wholly-owned by Radian Guaranty. In exchange for this and certain other flexibility, the Company will be required, among other things, to (a) reduce the total outstanding principal amount of the revolving loans from $200 million to $150 million, (b) permanently reduce the commitment size to $150 million (with further reductions of the commitment size to $100 million to occur upon certain liquidity events)"

Currently RDN's Operating margin is MINUS (-) 146%! Their current Profit Margin is again, MINUS (-) 183%! That is sad business, and that is why you always "buy the rumor, and sell the news!" And that's just what that "volume spike" today was all about. From it's high of $4.65 to $4.44. Like I said...TIMMMMMMBER!!!!!!!!

I loved the part where it said..."among OTHER things..." LOL And Avery...stop pretending you know something about this. LOL...CLEARLY you don't. Funny....



I think we can close the books on "RDN" now..."as predicted"...they are currently
@ $2.98! How does the "GENIUS" do it?....

1) Knowledge

2) Know How

3) Experience

4) The right tools for the job (all 15!)



General Discussion · RDN
msg #66504
8/21/2008 11:31:31 AM

- Ignore TheRumpledOne
modified 8/20/2008 10:13:12 AM

Just because you didn't see the ABK entry doesn't mean it wasn't there. Today, I entered ABK at $5.25


If TheRumpledOne would have waited for my "Triple" to take place today, (8/21/08) he wouldn't be down $400...rather he would have entered around $4.84, instead of $5.25

Like I said Avery..."nice entry point Avery! Nice job! LOL"...when will they
ever learn?....


General Discussion · POST YOUR LIVE TRADES HERE!!
msg #66496
8/21/2008 10:07:39 AM

John -

When I get back from vacation next week, I'm afraid to let my traders start posting again in here, in fear of YOU putting me into "shameless" status! Dude, what's 50 straight winners! Hey, does your "OBE WON" work with Baseball or Football Handicapping? LOL...Oh, and that was a stud move on "GDP!"...I'm still wiping the egg off my face on THAT one!

Great work as usual....


msg #66466
8/20/2008 4:17:24 PM

Yes. Exactly...that's the "Triple" I spoke about. As for "Bullpower?" Run a search on it, and you'll see many of my posts on it. I consider myself an expert on the "Elder-Ray," so I've had plenty to say about this indicator.


General Discussion · RDN
msg #66463
8/20/2008 2:14:17 PM

Avery, did you REALLY think I was SERIOUS about your little chatroom? LOL...I barely have enough time to to help others here...let alone live chatting. I don't know of any REAL traders that actually do that. From the looks of YOUR teachings...I can see why YOU have so much time on your hands. Always did really....know why.


General Discussion · POST YOUR LIVE TRADES HERE!!
msg #66461
8/20/2008 2:05:17 PM

Thanks "Tia"....I some how missed that page way back when. Thanks for that!


General Discussion · POST YOUR LIVE TRADES HERE!!
msg #66460
8/20/2008 2:02:14 PM

Thanks for the indepth JP, and your observation seems to right on. Thank you for that. As for "NBR?"...I cant take credit for that, because I had no interest in that stock...I just knew the "bleeding" was done...that's all. YOU found the entry...not me brother. Nice work today on GDP, but I still think your entry is a little too late...I hope I'm wrong, and I probably am...


Filter Exchange · Stochastic Idea
msg #66458
8/20/2008 1:38:32 PM

What's your "triple?" I've only been with SF for a few days now.

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