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2/19/2019 8:51:55 AM

Well, I see the 3 day up only applies when it is not inside the V or has had 20 days inside the V. The 3 days up is when the above 2 conditions are not met and it is within 5%+/- of the MA(50).

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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2/19/2019 10:10:34 AM

snappyfrog 2/19/2019 8:35:31 AM

Using this system, I added

3 day slope of the close > 0
tai crossed 10 from above

Both of these are I think important to success.
the 3 day up only applies when it is not inside the V or has had 20 days inside the V.
The 3 days up is when the above 2 conditions are not met and it is within 5%+/- of the MA(50).


Thank you, snappyfrog !

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2/19/2019 1:03:38 PM


a. I'm about 2/3 the way thru reading Ron Groenke's 4th book on this subject "Show Me the Money" and I just did a search of the book and "up the last 3 days" is only mentioned once in the entire book, where he is explaining how the Visions V is constructed and what the $ signs are on his Vision V stock charts.

The $ signs represent the Gold score which indicates each specific day that was/is good for starting a trade.

Individuals using his Visions V sw select the minimum Gold level that is acceptable to them with 100 being the topmost and the ideal value.

To get a 100 a stock must hve the most recent 3 days up,(worth 10 points per day up), 20 days inside his Visions V, (worth 2 points per day inside the V), and either the stock is in the V today or within 5% of the 50 day moving avg today (worth 30 points, 0 points if neither condition for today is met).

b. You may have noted in the PDF that was provided to us all earlier in this topic thread that on page 2 it stated:

"Applying the Groenke Visions V Theory and following the Take Action Indicator has demonstrated
success over 80 % of the time."

which I mistakenly assumed meant that 80% of the stocks chosen using his methodology would go on a major up cycle.

Searching his book for 80% found one passage near the beginning of the book relating to the viability of his system:

"The VISIONS Stock Market Explorer Scout application searches the entire stock market and provides the Top Ten stocks to invest in at the moment . It uses all the fundamentals as discussed in my books and applies technical chart analysis in its stock selection process . Scout has provided investment opportunities that were successful over 80 percent of the time . No one can bat 1000"

The key phrase is "provided investment opportunities" which turn out to be selling various types of Covered Calls and the selling of Puts. The book has a few examples where these type of 'investment opportunities' end up being profitable even when the stock goes down after the Vision V indicated trading point.

So my takeaway is that his approach to using the Vision V to sell naked Puts and Covered calls may have a historical success rate of 80%; but, the stocks selected by the V don't have a historical 80% higher prices success rate.

Ed S.

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2/19/2019 1:46:01 PM

Thank you,Ed

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2/19/2019 3:49:28 PM

Thank you, Ed S and snappyfrog for the additional info.

So, based on what you know so far, what might be your assessments of Groenke system?

Personally, I was interested because I thought it may provide some safeguards to alert
users about head fakes since this is about buying near 52-week lows.
But my gut feeling now is that it seems more complicated than necessary, and sometimes convoluted
for people like me who are new to Groenke.

For example, at its core, the Groenke system is similar to the stretched rubber band concept
from Lerogee StockHolyGrail. On top of that the trade executions seem to rely on some moving averages
and overbought oversold oscillators.

I think I may be able to achieve similar safeguards with the commonly known technical analysis
and risk management guidelines.

Thank you in advance for any more thoughts you may have.

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2/19/2019 7:58:50 PM

Thank you Ed S for the insightful information.

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2/19/2019 10:48:39 PM

Cheese, I am going to keep watching this and tweaking a little to more fit my style if necessary.

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2/19/2019 11:20:50 PM

Thank you, snappyfrog

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2/20/2019 12:48:18 PM

Groenke Visions V is difficult on many levels.

1 Learning to buy when others are selling or the selling has stopped.
2 learning to trade without the standard technical tools ie; oscillators, indicators etc.
3 Buying near the bottom in stead of at the top, Visions V excludes momentum stocks etc.
4 Learning a new system that seems counter intuitive and may well be speaking for myself.
5 I have downloaded the 21 day trial of the Visions V software. The software is feature rich
almost to the extent that there is too much there and too much to comprehend. Tommy
Brown has been very quick to offer assistance. I fear the software is more than what I
can manage. Too much to manage, maybe if I was a younger man, maybe.
I have the book Cash for Life where the strategy is all laid out and easy to follow and code.
However in talking to Tommy I discovered there is an optimization of the system used in that
book which I was not aware of. I have since purchased the book and am awaiting it's arrival.

Visions V uses options which I do not know and that further complicates the learning. I will
continue to study Visions V as I am in no hurry. Tommy stated part of the optimization is the
using of 20 week as well as the 52 week high and low. Visions V may well use other time
periods in the optimization process. I will not know until the book arrives. I believe my coding
of Visions V in Stockfetcher simplifies the system for me. However Stockfetcher is limited when
trying to find fundamentally sounds stocks to create a watch list with. Also at some point Stockfetcher
will complain that I need the more expensive version which I do not think would help.

I am surprised I have been able to code as much as I have with the limited version. At some point
I will reach the limit of possible coding here. I fear I am very close to that now. However based
on what Tommy has revealed to me I have updated the filter to accommodate the 20 week numbers.
I am also limited in the amount of columns I can plot, I have reached that point now. My effort
may require a second filter but I do not know if that is possible or how that could be accomplished
if it was possible. My coding knowledge is limited.

In any event here is my updated version of Groenke Visions V Filter.

set{clsaboveuab, count(close crossed above Upper Acceleration Band(30),1)}
set{cls, close}
set{52wklow, count(low reached a new 52 week low,1)}
set{20wklow, count(low reached a new 20 week low,1)}

set{fda50, close / ma(50)}
set{fda20, close / ma(50)}

set{fda50a, count(fda50 above .95,1) * count(fda50 below 1.05,1)}
set{fda,fda50a * 30}

set{fda20a, count(fda20 above .95,1) * count(fda20 below 1.05,1)}
set{fda2,fda20a * 30}

set{hl52, high 52 week high - low 52 week low}
set{blb, hl52 * .25}
set{bl, low 52 week low + blb}

set{bra, bl - close}
set{brb, 10 * bra}
set{brc, brb / blb}

/*********************************************************************52 week****/

set{hl20, high 20 week high - low 20 week low}
set{blb2, hl20 * .50}
set{bl2, low 20 week low + blb2}

set{bra2, bl2 - close}
set{brb2, 10 * bra2}
set{brc2, brb2 / blb2}


/* Point 52 week low */

set{pointb1, bl * .125}
set{pointb, bl + pointb1}

set{pointc, low 52 week low + pointb1}
set{pntc, pointc}

/* Point20 20 week low */

set{pointb21, bl2 * .125}
set{pointb2, bl2 + pointb21}

set{pointc2, low 20 week low + pointb21}
set{pntc2, pointc2}

set{profit52, pointb / close}
set{profit20, pointb2 / close}

set{taa, ma(50) * 2}
set{tab, taa - close}
set{tac, ma(50) / tab }
set{tad, tac + 1}
set{tai, brc * tad}

set{taa2, ma(20) * 2}
set{tab2, taa2 - close}
set{tac2, ma(20) / tab2 }
set{tad2, tac2 + 1}
set{tai2, brc2 * tad2}

set{gr, count(tai above 10,1)}
set{ta, count(tai between -5 and 10,1)}
set{wait, count(tai between -10 and -4.9,1)}
set{bad_idea, count(tai below -10,1)}

set{gr2, count(tai2 above 10,1)}
set{ta2, count(tai2 between -5 and 10,1)}
set{wait2, count(tai2 between -10 and -4.9,1)}
set{bad_idea2, count(tai2 below -10,1)}

/* */

set{abvpc,count(close is above pointc,20)}

set{cabvpc, count(close > pointc,1)}
set{cblopb, count(close < pointb,1)}
set{in_zone, cabvpc * cblopb}

set{upa, count(close > close 1 day ago,1)}
set{upb, count(close > close 2 days ago,1)}
set{upc, count(close > close 3 dsys ago,1)}
set{upd, upa + upb}
set{up, upd + upc}

set{g2, up * 3.334}/*days up * 10*/

set{g3, in_zone * 30}/* within Pointb and pointc * 30 will be either 0 or 30*/
set{g3a, fda * 2}
set{g4, g2+g3}

set{g5, g3a + g4}/* 10 * Number of days up + 2 * Number of days between pointb and pointc */

/* */

set{abvpc2,count(close is above pointc2,20)}

set{cabvpc2, count(close > pointc2,1)}
set{cblopb2, count(close < pointb2,1)}
set{in_zone2, cabvpc2 * cblopb2}

set{upa2, count(close > close 1 day ago,1)}
set{upb2, count(close > close 2 days ago,1)}
set{upc2, count(close > close 3 dsys ago,1)}
set{upd2, upa2 + upb2}
set{up2, upd2 + upc2}

set{g22, up * 3.334}/*days up * 10*/

set{g32, in_zone * 30}/* within Pointb and pointc * 30 will be either 0 or 30*/
set{g32a, fda * 2}
set{g42, g2+g3}

set{g52, g3a + g4}/* 10 * Number of days up + 2 * Number of days between pointb and pointc */

/********************* Start Universe of Stocks*****************************************************/
dow 30
market_cap above 1000
not otcbb
close above 5
volume above 500000
/*close below buylimit
close above pntc
do not draw pntc
do not draw buylimit*/
/*close below buylimit2
close above pntc2
do not draw pntc2
do not draw buylimit2*/

/********************* End Universe of Stocks*******************************************************/

add column gr
add column ta
/*add column wait
add column bad_idea*/
add column separator
add column gr2
add column ta2
/*add column wait2
add column bad_idea2*/
add column separator

/*add column up{days_up52}*/
/*add column g22
add column g32
add column g42
add column g4a2*/
add column g5{gold52}
add column separator
/*add column up2{days_up20}*/
add column g52{gold20}

draw bl on plot price
draw bl2 on plot price
draw pointc on plot price
draw pointc2 on plot price
draw ma(50)
draw ma(20)
add column separator
/*add column up{days_up}
add column g2{daysup*10}
add column g3{between_b_andC_=30}*/
/* add column g3
add column g4{inrange 50}*/
add column fda*/
/*add column g4a{number_of_days_*2}*/
add column g5{Gold}

draw 52wklow
draw 20wklow

draw tai line at 10
draw tai line at -5
draw tai2 line at 10
draw tai2 line at 5

add column brc{Rank52}
add column brc2{rank20}

add column tai{tai52}
add column tai2{tai20}

/*add column bl
add column bl2*/
add column separator
add column pointc{stop52}
add column pointb{profit52}
add column profit52{profit%52}
add column separator
add column pointc2{stop20}
add column pointb2{profit20}
add column profit20{profit%20}
add column in_zone{within_b&c50}
add column in_zone2{within_b&c20}
add column clsaboveuab
add column market_cap
/*draw low 52 week low
draw low 20 week low*/

draw fda50 line at .95
draw fda50 line at 1.05

draw fda20 line at .95
draw fda20 line at 1.05

draw Williams %R(30)
draw cci(30) line at 100
draw cci(30) line at -100
draw Upper Acceleration Band(30) on plot cls
draw clsaboveuab

chart-length 6 months

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2/20/2019 3:13:22 PM

Thank you, SAFeTRADE. Very much appreciated.

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