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General Discussion · How to read compare with results
msg #156736
5/4/2021 8:44:46 AM


If you reread the Announcement for Comparison Plots you'll note the following:

"The new comparison plot will compare the change in price from the initial day of your chart."

which explains why it changes when your chart changes timeframes.

SF usually doesn't publlish formulas for their indicators but with the use of the add column feature on your scripts and some math you can probably deduce what SF is calculating.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

General Discussion · Number of Employee's of a company
msg #156731
5/3/2021 2:04:43 PM

not possible in SF.
Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Fake Filter example HOW do I get MA(40)?
msg #156729
5/3/2021 10:07:30 AM

go to the indicators forum, select custom moving average and follow the example
Ed S.

Filter Exchange · A Better Exit Strategy Is Needed For Swing Systems
msg #156722
5/2/2021 10:08:39 AM

Well it took me a while to get the right settings in Tradingview, for this "Long Point 100% Profitable" protected script, for the individual stock TPL,to match Dylan's chart.

For those that are interested, once you have the Long Point on screen and the stock set to TPL in TradingView, and the chart displaly to Daily, click on the Long Point text line and choose the settings symbol and change the dates to 6/1/2018 and 4/15/2021 under the Inputs tab, and in the Properties tab change the pyramiding to 1.

When I click on the Maximize symbol at the bottom right corner below the chart I get a display with 3 tabs, Overview which shows the data that Dylan had open on his chart display with the Max Drawdown of $0. Best as I can determine, TradingView calculates their Max Drawdown based on completed trades effect on Total Equity, so in 100% profitable trades situation, the total equity goes up after every profitable trade so there is no Max Drawdown to calculate. (seems kind of useless to me)

When I select the "List of Trades" tab the display shows a drawdown column, showing a drawdown calculation for each individual trade. Of note is the drawdown for trade #12 of -53%, which I initially thought was the % drop in total equity due to that trade, but it actually is the % of loss $ in terms of the $ used to initiate that single trade.(at least with the associated $ drawdown loss value we can derive normal Max Drawdown values if we choose, which in this case would be -25%)

By the way, the List of Trades data is downloadable for use in Excel, etc.

It appears to me that the strength of this strategy is by pyramiding at a 20 level when using 15 minute charts.

However, since the code is protected in TradingView no way to right a corresponding script in SF unless one of you can reverse engineer the charts to determine indicator useage.

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Help with (TradingView) Double SuperTrend ATR
msg #156693
4/27/2021 2:39:27 PM


If you do a SF search on Pine Script you should get one result where there was a similar Supertrend indicator question related to Trading View that I provided some help on that should have enough clues for you to parse out the logic of this one.

If you work on it for a while and don't get the logic all figured out, let me know and I'll go thru it line by line later tonight.

Ed S.

PS the Trading View Pine Script manual online is fairly easy to look thru for commands and syntax stuff

Filter Exchange · A Better Exit Strategy Is Needed For Swing Systems
msg #156692
4/27/2021 2:21:24 PM

I just ran a short backtest, 2 trades, 100% profitable on SQQQ on TradingView and was provided a Max Drawdown calculation in the Overview section, so apparently its not always set to 0.

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · A Better Exit Strategy Is Needed For Swing Systems
msg #156687
4/26/2021 1:12:32 PM


Thanks for the detailed reply,

I've only done a couple of backtests with Trading View and did not realize that the Buy and Sell arrows could be toggled off.

Nor did I know about the 100% profitable restriction on the calc of Max Drawdowns for backtests ( seems odd though)

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · A Better Exit Strategy Is Needed For Swing Systems
msg #156679
4/24/2021 4:59:28 PM

The chart posted from TradingView about this profitable system for the past 2 years seems to have a few oddities:

1. No buy or sell arrows on the daily 9 month chart shown.
2. Max Drawdown of $0, to my knowledge this would be the first system ever with no drawdowns, especially considering the average trade duration is 52 bars/days
3. The statistics shown can't possibly be for the last 2 years as 47 completed trades with an average duration of 52 days takes way longer than 2 years unless many of them are simultaneous trades...

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · A Better Exit Strategy Is Needed For Swing Systems
msg #156654
4/19/2021 4:49:52 PM


What does "hammer like this mean" as I see two other similar hammers on your chart that were not pre-cursors to reversals?

Ed S.

General Discussion · The Money flow trading system
msg #156624
4/16/2021 3:27:41 AM


Regarding your comment from Apr14:

"MAC(12,26,9) and histogram - Which you can't just have histogram on SF

below is 2 statement work around:
Ed S.

do not draw macd Histogram(12,26,9) set{var1, macd Histogram(12,26,9)}
draw var1 Legend{var1, macd Histogram(12,26,9)} PlotType{var1,zerobar}

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