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Filter Exchange · basket correlation filter
msg #155937
2/24/2021 11:33:10 AM

A couple of additional filter lines, that may be of interest to some, for adding different graphic comparisons to spy.

compare with spy

add column relative strength(spy,30) > -1

Ed S.

Stock Picks and Trading · Darryl Guppy inspired trading
msg #155934
2/23/2021 3:52:52 PM


Count Back Line filter in I kind of in the ball park?

Ed S.

apply to symlist(fultp,bsqr,ko,f)

SET{d1swlo,COUNT(LOW 1 day ago ABOVE LOW ,1)}
SET{swlo,d1swlo * d2swlo} add column swlo draw swlo
set{swlod, days(swlo equals 1,20)} add column swlod {days since swing low} draw swlod

set{hi1st, VarOffset(high,swlod)} add column hi1st
set{hi2, VarOffset(high 1 day ago,swlod)} add column hi2
set{CountBackLine, VarOffset(high 2 day ago,swlod)} add column CountBackLine
draw price line at CountBackLine

General Discussion · Any weekly chart trader's here?
msg #155910
2/21/2021 12:37:55 PM

no backtest link that i'm aware of
Ed S.

General Discussion · Any weekly chart trader's here?
msg #155905
2/21/2021 11:50:47 AM


Trailing stop of 10% is commonly used but since TQQQ can move fast you should choose one that protects the right amount of profits for your peace of mind once you are in profitable territory, and otherwise one that protects from the size of a loss that would really bother you.

For those 2 reasons I can't really recommend a specific value for you or anyone else as we are all different regarding risk vs. reward, and of course I prefer not to get any of the blame :)

I know of one Canadian who has used this approach with a 10% stop for the past 3 years (beginning at the first of the year in each instance) and has had gains in TQQQ of ~27%,~47% ,and ~91% thru Dec 4th 2020.(when he last presented his results)

In his words from his last presentation
"With trailing stops employed, simply look at your portfolio each weekend and make changes on Monday at the Open"

Note, that in his portfolio he has other triples and some stocks that he uses the same methodology on, but none do as well as TQQQ has in recent years.

Ed S.

PS. I just did a search on "Turnbull International Forum" and surprisingly found his last presentation is available on youtube.
if you want to see it for yourself, skip over the first 30 minutes or so to get to his presentation as they cover a lot of other stuff in those monthly international forums.

General Discussion · Rookie here
msg #155902
2/21/2021 11:20:22 AM

Your first 2 lines are not that far off; and all of the coding info you want for this filter is easily spotted in the various code snippets shown under the Examples tab at the top of the SF web page.

Just a couple of hints:

In SF, SMA (simple moving average) is expressed as MA() for close prices and CMA() (Custom Moving Avg) for all other indicators/variables.

The closing price of any candle is the same as the close of the day, so you don't really have to worry about coding candles, though I believe the SF user manual does show how to do that.

If you still can't get it to work, post what you have come up with and I'm sure someone will edit a solution for you.

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · ATR Entry
msg #155901
2/21/2021 11:05:25 AM


I just reread your first post in this thread and you have the following statement:

"I want to enter at .5 * ATR (6) of the high of the day."

which seems to imply a subtraction from the High of the day not an addition.

If that's what you are really after then my 2 filters don't achieve it.

Ed S.

General Discussion · Lots of charting problems
msg #155897
2/21/2021 9:35:10 AM

I bought an Apple 2 as my first computer in May of 79 after a couple of months of research as there were a lot of computer companies back then. My final 3 options were PET/Commodore, TRS-80 (I think it was by Radio Shack) and the Apple II and went with the Apple II and never regretted it. (Though programming in assembly language wasn't all that fun)

At that time, you had to use a TV for the monitor and a cassette deck for storage and I believe it had a whopping 32K of memory. A month later they came out with a floppy disk system add on which I promptly bought, followed by a Sylentype thermal printer, etc.

Then I got the early 25 lb. transportable MAC, then the MAC 2, and I eventually switched over to PCs because I had to do a lot of DOD cost work at home and DOD had moved to windows pcs after IBM PCs.

My daughter's 1st computer was a MAC laptop and she is firmly entrenched in the MAC camp and hates PCs.

And no, I'm not John's dad :)
Ed S.

Filter Exchange · ATR Entry
msg #155893
2/21/2021 1:15:35 AM

and if you want to shorten it and filter at the same time....

set{B, Atr(6) * .5} add column b
add column High plus B {Entry} > 0

Please note that you have to put the column label info before the filter part of the add column statement otherwise SF will label that column "High + B" instead of "Entry"

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · ATR Entry
msg #155891
2/21/2021 1:00:06 AM

Your 3 lines seem to work in a filter once I add a filter criteria for SF to act on. (see sample filter below)

At first I though the space you have in front of the word entry was your problem but it seems to work with or without that space.

Ed S.

set{A, ATR(6)} add column A
set{B, A * .5} add column b
set{entry, B + High} add column entry
add column High
close > 10
draw atr(6) Draw a draw b draw entry

General Discussion · Any weekly chart trader's here?
msg #155890
2/21/2021 12:49:29 AM

I've seen favorable backtests and forwards tests of a Weekly 2 ema / Weekly 5 ema crossover strategy on TQQQ that is as simple as it gets.

Works pretty good as long as you have trailing stops in place as triples can move down quickly....

Ed S.

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