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General Discussion · When markets are in a pullback.
msg #158419
1/18/2022 8:38:40 PM

This is true if one only trades stocks. Options allow one to
trade both ways. Money can be made faster when in a
downtrend than in an uptrend most times. "Elevator down,
stair steps up".

I am not promoting options, especially to those that have
not studied how they work and all of the moving parts.

General Discussion · Trailing Stop Losses
msg #158375
1/10/2022 6:51:15 AM

I am a huge fan of using trailing stop losses. This helps
take some of the emotion away when trying to find a
good exit strategy. My go to amount has always been
in the 5% to 10% range depending on the stock.

I came across this site that says they have done backtesting
and 15% comes out as the winner. Have any of you done
any backtesting and / or have found this to be true?

Filter Exchange · All Purpose Global Filter - Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Crypto
msg #158359
1/7/2022 7:02:29 AM

Thanks for the clarification Cheese!

Filter Exchange · All Purpose Global Filter - Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Crypto
msg #158357
1/6/2022 9:46:47 PM

What exactly is VXV? I don't see it when I run Chart+.

Google search says it is VectorSpace AI. How can it
be used in a SF filter if SF doesn't find it in Chart+?

General Discussion · Hello, sectors displayed on a list somehow.
msg #158356
1/6/2022 9:28:27 PM

Start your scan / filter with "apply to symlist"

apply to symlist (XLP, XLE, XLK, XLF)

Filter Exchange · The Weekly Charts filter.
msg #158351
1/5/2022 4:11:29 PM

Another weekly chart favorite of mine is the RSI(5) crossing above
the 53 line along with PVI (retail traders) climbing. What I especially
like is that the PVI on a weekly chart makes it so much easier to see
patterns such as head and shoulders when it might not be obvious
on the price plot.

I use this on optionable swing trades so I can play it crossing
above the 53 line and also downtrends crossing below the
47 line.

market is not otcbb
market is not etf
close > 3
draw pvi
volume(5) > 10000000
draw weekly RSI(5) crossed above 53
draw weekly RSI(5) line 47
chart-display is weekly
chart-length is 6 months

General Discussion · How to write a filter where price is touching a MA please?
msg #158349
1/5/2022 6:58:20 AM

My favorite moving average is the 5 - weekly MA(5). This makes for some
really good swing trades. My entry is open the following week if open is
still above the MA(5).

Show stocks where price crossed above weekly MA(5)
Chart-display is weekly

General Discussion · How to write a filter where price is touching a MA please?
msg #158347
1/4/2022 9:22:48 PM

Crossing above or below the 34


Show stocks where price crossed weekly MA(34)
Chart-display is weekly

Filter Exchange · 52 week high pullbacks
msg #158334
1/3/2022 9:25:19 PM

Making it clickable.

price close above 5
date offset 20
days(price reached a new 52 week high,20) above 0
Average Volume(21) above 1,000,000
Connors RSI(3,2,100) below 15
chart-time is 1 year

Stock Picks and Trading · SPY Channel
msg #158290
12/30/2021 9:18:07 PM

Thanks xarlor and cheese!

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