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General Discussion · Change 6 month chart to 4 month?
msg #159817
12/2/2022 5:54:17 PM

apply to symlist(spy)
chart-length is 1 month

General Discussion · Change 6 month chart to 4 month?
msg #159816
12/2/2022 5:52:51 PM

apply to symlist(spy)
chart-length is 6 months

Filter Exchange · Combining EMA with SAR and Stochastic
msg #159810
11/24/2022 8:33:49 PM

This combines close above EMA(14) and SAR with Stochastic %K(5,3,3) being below overbought (80 line).
I included a CMA of ASI just for a visual. Input, opinions and additions always welcome.

market is not otcbb
market is not etf
and close > 3
and avgvol(10) > 3000000
draw Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2)
draw close > ema(14)
and Stochastic %K(5,3,3) < 80
draw Stochastic %K(5,3,3) line 80
set{cl14, count (close > ema(14),1)}
draw cl14
set{PSAR, count (close > Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2),1)}
draw PSAR
set{buy, cl14 + PSAR}
draw buy > 1.99
and buy 1 day ago < 1.99
draw cma(asi,5)
do not draw asi

Public Filter List · SAFETRADE Thinking out LOUD
msg #159777
11/13/2022 4:00:10 AM


Stock Picks and Trading · Opened a position on DRV today
msg #159751
11/3/2022 2:17:18 AM

And the FED said today that housing has not been broken yet.
Defaults are not high enough.

General Discussion · SMA(15) of RSI(15) / upper symmetric triangle
msg #159749
11/1/2022 9:01:30 AM

Combining the pattern with my favorite EMA(13) :

pattern is symmetric triangle(22)
and close crossed above ema(13)

General Discussion · Did Anyone else get this FAKE Email from Stockfetcher?
msg #159738
10/29/2022 5:57:28 AM

That is hilarious. But, sadly some people fall for this stuff or it wouldn't be so prevalent.

General Discussion · McGinley Dynamic Formula
msg #159732
10/27/2022 6:44:04 AM

A simple search would have found that. I didn't know there were
advanced math such as pow, sin, cos, etc available. Thanks

General Discussion · McGinley Dynamic Formula
msg #159730
10/26/2022 9:51:09 PM

I like the second one above. Just one question.

What does "pow" stand for?

set{x4, pow(x5,0.50)}

General Discussion · McGinley Dynamic Formula
msg #159705
10/20/2022 8:00:32 AM

In essence this would change a moving average by a multiplier of 0.6 after an entry.

So if one used an entry of open above MA(20), then the moving average would
change to a MA(12) to more closely follow price.

Exit would take place when close crossed below the MA(12) to keep from giving
back too much profit.

At that point, the moving average changes back to the MA(20) to insure a reversal
before the next entry of open above the MA(20).

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