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10/26/2019 9:53:18 AM

@ roca 1018
" I am unclear what relevance Trump has to this discussion."

I made my point perfectly clear.
Anybody with a snail brain can google the reference or look at the charts.
If you don't "get it", then, you don't "get it".

And, BTW, Mac already said, Guppy is the best thing going ... and it is.
Weinstein vs. Guppy? No comparison!
That's pretty obvious.

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10/26/2019 9:59:51 AM

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modified 10/25/2019 4:12:19 AM
I remember Mac too pumping weinstein's book .
Sorry if people wasted their money because of me. That's not says Weinstein's book is bad.
It too lagging for me. I've been using Guppy MMA's and I like them more.


It does lag.
IMHO, Guppy is easier and faster.

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10/26/2019 10:36:03 AM

This run is getting long in the tooth.

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10/26/2019 1:37:56 PM

karennma 10/26/2019 10:36:03 AM
This run is getting long in the tooth.


I just want to ask for clarification: Are you referring to the current US stock market bull run
getting a bit long in the tooth?

you are sF no. 5 and certainly a well respected member with many good calls,
so you may have insights about the following thoughts from outside of this forum:

1. There is a recent volume surge in odd lots buyers, perhaps because some brokerage firms
now allow fractions of shares and no commission. In general the timing of "retail"
ma and pa is usually wrong (buy near the top, sell near the bottom.)

2. There is usually some maneuvering among brokers and dealers to drive down prices
in the short run around this time and buy back later cheaper to get bigger Christmas bonuses.
To be rewarded, their performance has to be better than the auto-pilot market runs.

What do you think? Always want to know of your views. Thanks.

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10/26/2019 1:52:27 PM

I am unclear what relevance Trump has to this discussion.


I am a very average and perpetual student of the markets but my understanding is that
market volatility has markedly increased with wider use of bots reacting to the frequent twitterdoms. .
Therefore, WEEKLY WMA(30) or DAILY WMA(150) may be too lagging and may no longer work
like they had for Weinstein in 1988.


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10/26/2019 1:58:00 PM

Roger that karennma.

Sorry if I got anyone to go on a wild goose chase.

Guppy is by far better but you have to watch both groups.

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10/26/2019 4:46:11 PM

Can someone post some evidence of this "lag" for the Weinstein approach vs no lag for the Guppy approach?

a. Also, if one is using Guppy in a non-standard fashion, to reduce lag, please include those details; as points of entry defined in Guppy's book and what I suspect are being used by various SFers are probably very different and clearly could "eliminate lag" but also not be as statistically effective as Guppy's intended approach.

b. Secondly, assuming we are all referring to lag in entering Weinstein Stage 2 trades and that following the Guppy method gets you into those particular stocks earlier, please show how often that Guppy approach gets you into stocks that don't end up ever getting into Weinstein Stage 2.

c. Or explain it in more detail using your own methods,

Ed S.

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10/27/2019 4:35:16 AM

Guppy daily chart

Weinstein weekly chart

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10/27/2019 7:12:11 AM


Good luck following his calls. I find it difficult to fathom the number of bright people who blindly
accept the constant bullshit that he espouses. It is actually quite simple to understand him if you
step back for a moment. He relies on PROJECTION and variations of the same play as he leads the country into the abyss.


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10/27/2019 3:23:28 PM

I don't know. The way I interpreted it:

Using Weinstein on the weekly is for investors, i.e. long term holds 6+ months.
Using Weinstein on the daily is for traders - less than 6 months.

If you do Weinstein daily and Guppy daily, you can see the entry for both is the exact same day for RGLY.

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