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10/28/2019 1:56:15 PM


Thanks for clearing up why you believe Weinstein method lags the Guppy method as the 2nd chart you posted explains a lot regarding your claim.

a. By the way, your chart is not displaying the normal Guppy moving avg groups and even so there does not seem to be any significant downward crossover of your Guppy-like moving avg groups on your chart on Sep 12th.

b. There does seem to be a signal to go short on sep 12th in one of the lower chart panels labeled "cntcmadma8abovecmadma8b". Unfortunately, since no filter accompanies your chart I'm not sure what is the derivation of that particular signal.

Ed S.

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11/8/2019 2:57:03 PM

Welp, MM shook me out. My trailing stop triggered and I exited my position. I'm not going to complain though, Weinstein filter worked for me this time for a 430% gain.

I do want to incorporate Guppy into my trading as well. No reason we can't have both!

Options: Win big, lose even bigger!

BUY ABR 100 17 JAN 20 12.5 CALL @.50 LMT on 08/12/19
SELL ABR 100 17 JAN 20 12.5 CALL @2.65 LMT on 11/08/19

chart-time is 3 months
market not etf


draw wma(150)
add column sector
draw Relative Strength(^SPX,150)
draw 30-day slope of Relative Strength(^SPX,150)

add column var1
add column var2

draw high 3-year high
draw high 2-year high
draw high 1-year high
add column high 1-year high
add column high 2-year high
add column high 3-year high

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