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12/30/2022 10:50:23 AM

Ford (F) --- there's a possibility that it may have hit bottom here --- make sure to add it to your watch list..

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12/30/2022 12:37:42 PM

Good catch!


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8/1/2023 10:44:49 AM

It's August 1, and Ford has been falling like a rock for the last 2 weeks. Maybe it hit bottom?

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8/1/2023 5:56:56 PM

Possible and things ought to be more cleared up in the next few days:


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8/1/2023 10:49:41 PM

Regarding Ford electric vehicles, the Lightning Pickup has low towing capacity and the Mustang leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. A local dealership has the Kia and Ford franchises and I was told the Kia EV 6 is outselling the Mustang. Add to that the plethora of new EVs coming to market plus the GMC towing capabilities, maybe there's a headwind for Ford. Then again, maybe not.

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8/4/2023 11:39:31 AM

F as of 8/4/23:

Rebound is tantalizing but has not happened yet:


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8/15/2023 9:28:53 PM

Ford rebound? Well, not yet.

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8/16/2023 12:21:09 PM

I like it @11.50

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8/17/2023 6:10:59 PM

It's hard to explain the huge runup between June and first half of July. What has changed fundamentally since then?


The fallout is just as quick and just as deep.

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8/17/2023 9:06:56 PM

July 17 Ford announced it was slashing the price of its EV truck. The market saw that as a sign that all the millions pumped into EV wasn't paying off fast enough. In fact, inventories are outpacing demand. There are 3x as many EVs sitting on lots compared to a year ago.

Then came earnings on July 27. During it, the company said it expects to lose $4.5B this year on its electric line since they are closing factories for upgrades.

So it keeps marching down. Currently, $11 is the lowest price target of the most pessimistic Wall Street analysts, while the average amongst all is $15.44. With the 52-week low sitting at $10.90, I would definitely look for a bounce if it hits $11.

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