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General Discussion · Need Custom Envelope function/drawing added
msg #149827
12/6/2019 8:14:52 PM

Come across this need for a new custom envelope function almost daily.

For example,

Draw Custom Envelope (LRI(45), 0.01, LRI(50), 0.01)


set{dp12, cema(day position(0.5, 12), 13)}

Draw Custom Envelope (dp12, 0.25)

as opposed to the alternative workaround:

set{dp12a, cema(day position(0.45, 12), 13)}
set{dp12b, cema(day position(0.55, 12), 13)}

draw dp12a on plot price
draw dp12b on plot price

which can be quite messy.

That would make the charts a whole lot easier to read!

Does anyone else feel the same way?

Filter Exchange · Is it possible to do conditional sums at all
msg #149588
11/14/2019 1:49:04 AM

So as to analyze trends in the most recent 10/15/20 days:

A1 = sumIF(day change > 1, 10)


B1 = sumIF(day change < -1, 10)

Filter Exchange · Need help to write a combined list of stocks
msg #149573
11/11/2019 1:21:14 PM

Issue solved.


Filter Exchange · Need help to write a combined list of stocks
msg #149567
11/10/2019 6:11:14 PM

Thank you compound_gains!

The only minor change I could think of is that there is a "market cap" keyword already, i.e., count(market cap > 300, 1) > 0.5

Filter Exchange · Need help to write a combined list of stocks
msg #149562
11/9/2019 3:12:42 AM

Need to combine 4 distinct groups of stocks into 1 dynamically updated combined list:

1. Group 1 criteria:
a. Market Cap > 300
b. Average volume(30) > 600000
c. Day change > 4.5%

2. Group 2 criteria:
a. Market is S&P 500
b. Day change > 3.5%

3. Group 3 criteria:
a. Market is Nasdaq 100
b. Day change > 2.5% (so if a ticker belongs to both S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 with a day change of 3.0% should be picked up here, because it failed to meet the Group 2 criteria)

4. Group 4 criteria:
a. Market is Dow 30
b. Day change > 1.5% (Dow 30 stocks are also part of S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, but their average day change is typically smaller since they are Blue Chip stocks, so any day change > 1.5% would be picked up right here.)

Now how to combine groups 1 thru 4 into a "Total_Group"?

General Discussion · Code help on Linear Regression needed!
msg #144400
8/13/2018 2:02:38 PM

Recently added 2 linear regression channels into the result graphs

1. draw linear regression(60)
2. draw linear regression(15)

To use an analogy, LR(60) is like the HOUR hand while the shorter LR(15) is the minute hand on the clock dial.

Just wonder if there is a way to code the progression of HOURLY and MINUTE hands to provide the sense of direction move over time. Each hand can move either clockwise [down cycle] or counterclockwise [up cycle] and they can move in the same direction or opposite direction. Perfect timing then means the moment when both start to move in unison counterclockwise; when both start to move clockwise at the same time, it's time to get out. When they move in opposite direction, it means the down cycle within a bigger up cycle or vice versa.

Expect the successful code to portray these moves over time in SIN or COS waves. Appreciate your help!

Filter Exchange · Is it possible to write a query on RRG crossover
msg #143104
4/6/2018 1:54:47 PM

I've been intrigued by the RRG graph and here is an example on the daily chart for MCD: has a very good documentation on this topic: doku.php?id=chart_school: chart_analysis:rrg_charts

But there are no specific formulas in that documentation on how to calculate the normalized JdK RS Ratio or JdK RS Momentum. A few more online discussion on this topic:

https://quant.stackexchange. com/questions/17963/how-to- calculate-the-jdk-rs-ratio

Anyone who could give this a try?

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