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Filter Exchange · Using this for potential runners
msg #153931
9/4/2020 5:40:35 PM

I get it.Thanks Cheese...

Filter Exchange · Using this for potential runners
msg #153891
9/2/2020 7:39:52 PM

Just curious,does anyone have a clue how it works? Miketranz...

Filter Exchange · Using this for potential runners
msg #153787
8/28/2020 6:02:24 PM

Very interesting filter,no matter how you interpret it.Has potential.I like it...

General Discussion · builing filter around a small number of stocks
msg #153683
8/21/2020 5:59:52 PM

Fetcher[add columnset{bla, high 10 day high - low 10 day low}
set{blb, bla * .25}
set{bl, low 10 day low + blb}

set{bra, bl - close}
set{brb, bra / blb}
set{br, 10 * brb}

set{taa, ma(10) * 2}
set{tab, taa - close}
set{tac, ma(10) / tab }
set{tad, tac + 1}
set{tai, br * tad}

set{pointb1, bla * .125}
set{pointb, bl + pointb1}

set{pointc, low 10 day low + pointb1}

draw ma(20)
draw ema(9)
draw ma(50)
draw bl on plot price

add column tai
add column bl
add column separator
set{gr, count(tai above 10,1)}
set{ta, count(tai between -5 and 10,1)}
set{wait, count(tai between -10 and -4.9,1)}
set{bad_idea, count(tai below -10,1)}
set{alpha_start, count(tai below -50,1)}
set{alpha_end, count(tai crossed above -30,1)}

add column gr{get_ready}
add column ta{take_action}
add column wait
add column bad_idea
add column separator
add column alpha_start
add column alpha_end
add column separator

draw tai line at -50
draw tai line at -10
draw tai line at -5
draw tai line at -31

draw alpha_start
draw alpha_end
draw Slow Stochastics Fast %K(5,5)
draw Slow Stochastics Fast %K(12,3,3)

chart-length is 6 months


Tech heavy index/go short when price breaks below the yellow line.Keep it simple...

Filter Exchange · Filter modification
msg #153671
8/20/2020 8:47:17 PM

The Holy Grail of trading is within ones self...

Filter Exchange · Filter modification
msg #153655
8/20/2020 7:59:38 AM

My next post will be "Looking for the Holy Grail".Thanks to all.Best,Miketranz...

Filter Exchange · Filter modification
msg #153642
8/19/2020 8:28:51 PM

Hey there Xarlor I'm back again.Thank you for your expertise,sorry for the confusion.Basically what I meant was the stock makes a 52 week high and that is the high of the entire year.So you got it right.Ideally to narrow things down,take a look at KIRK & GRWK.As you can see,these two stocks broke out of very tight long bases.The overall yearly volatility is very low.The moves that ensued were explosive.The idea is to get in on the ground floor.Is there a way to come up with such a filter? Best,Miketranz...

Filter Exchange · Filter modification
msg #153638
8/19/2020 4:08:46 PM

Show stocks where high reached a new 90 day high and close is between .50 and 25 AND DRAW Bollinger Band (20,2.0) %B(20,2.0) and Draw Bollinger Width(20,2.0) Need help making this filter a new 1 year high.In other words,the 90 day high is the highest high of the year.Thanks,Miketranz...

Stock Picks and Trading · Picks and Pans Since Jan 2020
msg #153605
8/16/2020 1:25:54 PM

Sandjco I'm sure everyone on here appreciates your contributions.Thank you for sharing.Miketranz...

msg #153554
8/13/2020 3:28:43 PM

Swing trade 1-3 day hold.Take what the market gives.Filter looks good to me.Thank you both.Miketranz...

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