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Filter Exchange · The Volume Positive-Negative (VPN) Indicator
msg #156706
4/28/2021 9:44:55 PM


Filter Exchange · The Volume Positive-Negative (VPN) Indicator
msg #156704
4/28/2021 8:03:02 PM

Fetcher[CLOSE between .10 and 40
and draw ema (30) draw ma (20) draw ma (10)

Try this one...

General Discussion · The Money flow trading system
msg #156636
4/16/2021 12:24:54 PM

CK out EBON.Buy low/sell high.Sounds easy right?

General Discussion · Nasdaq,DJIA,S&P500, DOW Jones Charts?
msg #156608
4/14/2021 10:49:03 PM

draw ema(10)
draw ema(30) draw ema(50)

General Discussion · The Money flow trading system
msg #156607
4/14/2021 9:45:48 PM

Here's my take.You gotta love this guy,I mean he's for real.His presentations are not just interesting,there down right entertaining.As for his methodology,he's basically attempting to buying low/sell high,utilizing rsi (14).His buy trigger/execution point of entry is a crossover ma (20) from below.He references the initial break out/crossover as a stage 1 and goes on to the different stages in the stocks movement.He uses stop losses which is a plus.But wait,there's more.He takes advantage of high yield securities to further boost his return.This is pretty basic elementary stuff.Who wouldn't want to buy low/sell high? Larry Connors did extensive statistic backed studies on rsi,which is know for a fact works a certain percentage of the time.I felt the clips sent a positive message,a clear cut strategy,one that I would possibly use under the right circumstances.Send me a book.Best,Miketranz...

General Discussion · Noob to SF and 1st time poster looking for an "analyst scraper"
msg #156600
4/14/2021 5:24:07 PM

Welcome to SF.Thank you for your kind words.What we need on here is "thinking outside the box" kinda stuff.I like your idea.All you have to do is see if it's a valid method that works.I'm sure someone on here can figure out a filter for you.Best,Miketranz...

General Discussion · The Money flow trading system
msg #156578
4/13/2021 8:48:08 AM

Interesting character.What he says makes a lot of sense.Entertainment value,priceless...

General Discussion · Is my assumption true or false?
msg #156386
4/3/2021 9:25:00 AM

Well,under current market conditions buying the close/selling the open has returned -19.7%.Interesting statistics.However,that's based only on the SPY.There's a possibility that individual stocks
might still that trade in that manner.You can also take last minute volume spikes into consideration.Is there a correlation between that and the next days open? Then there's the gap trade.Someone put out a gap statistic filter which might be of use.If it's strictly afterhours/pre market trading vs the next days open,most decent trading platforms have a volume/price premarket screen,to see if there's any correlation there.In my opinion,anything that works 75% of the time,is something to consider.Best,Miketranz...

General Discussion · Is my assumption true or false?
msg #156380
4/2/2021 6:06:43 PM

Marine,you might be on to something.Ck this out.Business Insider:In a note Monday afternoon, analysts at Bespoke Investment Group compared the performance of the "buy the open, sell the close" strategy to "buy the close, sell the open."

And buying stocks at the end of the day and selling them right at the market open the next morning was a big winner.

Since the January 1993 inception of the 'SPY' ETF that tracks the S&P 500, buying the index at the end of business and selling the next morning has seen a $100 investment rise more than 480%.

Buying the open and selling the close, in contrast, has lost about 20% over that same period.

Filter Exchange · Filter help
msg #156253
3/24/2021 4:00:12 PM


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