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9/20/2007 12:59:23 PM

....when it comes to price movement "NEWS RULES !!!!" ... well, I found a stock that has seen some volatility in the past ... and I believe its going to happen again with their next ANALYST DAY ... to be held on September 25, 2007. The stock is current trading at only $1.72 (cheap money) ... and if the analyst like what they hear, it will jump again.... put it on your watch list !!! It is risky ... but a portion of you money should be earmarked for these opportunites ...

The percentage moves on thes low price stocks can be phenominal.

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9/20/2007 1:06:48 PM

Darn,just stuck a little guy like this on watch yesterday,TMY.Squeezing BB(12) on green candles.Take the green,Leave the red.

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9/20/2007 3:24:04 PM

TMY up 10% today ... not bad for a days work ! Did you get in ?

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9/20/2007 3:27:55 PM

two more on my "keep an eye on" list also did well ... HL and DROOY (both in the gold market)...

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9/20/2007 3:55:39 PM

Lockwhiz: keep an eye on gold corp (GG) and Barrick Gold( took off this week, got in two week ago...gambled on a weaker greenback. All the hedging is off Barrick Gold so they should have a decent move.

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9/20/2007 4:17:52 PM

JP ... ahh yes ... thanks for the alert!!

... I actually have a slew of mining stocks I watch ... the best performer in this sector today was actually Merridian Gold ...MDG.... nice little gap up this morning ... but then pulled back...

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9/20/2007 4:22:47 PM

don't forget SLV

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9/20/2007 4:44:18 PM

Click arrow to see film:

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9/20/2007 8:40:31 PM

karenn ... SLV has been added to my watch ...THANKS !

HL is a silver mining compnay with a variety of other metals as a by product... gold, platinum... and other impurities....

interesting film clip ... focus is right on... but a little
, shall we say, extremme.....imo

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9/20/2007 9:38:09 PM

More on the Metals ....
Both the article and the video are good.

Also, did you know about this ....?
First our ports, now the Nasdaq market.

"Schumer asks for review of Dubai-Nasdaq deal
Bush says deal to be carefully studied for national security implications
By Robert Schroeder, MarketWatch
Last Update: 6:26 PM ET Sep 20,
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Saying the deal gives him pause, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., pressed Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Thursday to thoroughly review a proposal by Borse Dubai to buy a nearly 20% stake in the Nasdaq Stock Market.
"I believe that the acquisition of such a large stake in a U.S. exchange by a foreign government raises some serious questions," the senator wrote to Paulson.
Schumer asked for a review of national-security concerns associated with the deal under a law yet to be enacted that provides for such reviews. The law takes effect Oct. 24."
The rest of the story's on Marketwatch.
The U.S. dolla is goin' down, baby!!
Just think, in a few years, when you go shopping or out to dinner, you'll be asked:
"Will that be Cash, credit card or boullion?"

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