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General Discussion · What is your min amount of volume before entering a trade?
msg #56484
11/6/2007 12:45:44 PM

It is the actual number of traders that that are buying and selling that is driving the price... so of course volume and price are inter-related. I break it down into simply how much cash is moving in and out of the equities.

set{cashflow,average price(5) * average volume(5)}
cashflow is greater then 500000

...although it still boils down to an arbitrary value.

General Discussion · earnings
msg #55935
10/23/2007 7:39:48 AM

....AAPL... pre-market ... up a little more at 187.25.....amazing. I knew it was going up the instant I decided not to get it

General Discussion · Predicting the Opening of the Market and It's Strength
msg #55929
10/22/2007 10:31:05 PM

…I buy at support and sell at resistance …just like everyone else …therefore it is there…. a self-fulfilling prophecy. …you are right, this is easy ....but so aren’t bollinger bands…and stochastics …and RSI …. Moving averages …channels ….and candlesticks, (a doji firefly ,based on the chinese art of trading rice …what the hell am I doing????)…. and I have a ton of other views I need to look at, because are all “proven”…I can tweek and have these technicals interact like no-one else has ever done, for I finally have the bull by the balls,,,and then here comes that wild card …”NEWS”. There is a prophecy to follow there too … “buy on rumor sell on news”. Face it we are all part of the crowd looking for a pattern to decypher... we will even find a pattern on the side of a grilled cheese sandwhich, and sell it on e-bay… but in reality, we can’t predict for certain how a stock will perform ...…but we can see how it all happened with amazing accuracy !

General Discussion · Stocks is less than 15% from 52-week high
msg #55903
10/22/2007 1:52:44 PM

hmmm maybe you are looking for stocks within that 15% of the high ???

then it would be:
close is greater than 15% from its 52-week high
close is greater than 10
close is greater than close 1 day ago

General Discussion · Stocks is less than 15% from 52-week high
msg #55902
10/22/2007 1:47:47 PM

...looks fine to me .... and it gave me plenty of results.. Why do you say it's not working ?

General Discussion · Predicting the Opening of the Market and It's Strength
msg #55901
10/22/2007 1:43:31 PM

...absolutely true !

...on more little bit of the obvious.
Any time you sell, at what you think is a "good selling point"... someone else is buying that same point as their "good entry point".... I'm glad we all don't think alike, and it is why the dynamics of trading, is just that .....dynamic...ever changing. Trade that way.

General Discussion · Predicting the Opening of the Market and It's Strength
msg #55896
10/22/2007 9:31:46 AM

IMHO ...
... we all know there is no "holy grail" for predicting the future ... ... but we all believe in trends, and that technical analysis is a way to give us the edge, else we wouldn't be here. The psychology of crowd behavior is something that cannot be pushed aside. If there were no interpretations of price movement and volume swings, then there would be no changes in the price of the stock, would be purely based on the PE , and not move between quarterly results....... thankfully, we do see fluctuations that gives us monetary rewards by using the art of trading....we are all part of it.... we are part of the crowd. Some people will never get it ... others will have an uncanny ability to "predict". The "happening now" scenario, is still predicting ... unless you want to be a mere "watcher" ... and not a participant. If you buy and or sell an equity, you are guilty of attempting to predict the future.... else you wouldn't be buying/selling.... Watching the ticks every second is a way to help "time the market" .....With this, you are still trying to predicting .... Interpreting what you think is the top or bottom.... trying to understanding the buying and selling pressures.... and seeing them develop and fade.... It’s not the chart ... its how we (the crowd) are interpreting it .... it is how you interpret the crowd ...

General Discussion · True Confessions
msg #55805
10/18/2007 1:32:47 PM

straddle, strangle and butterfly spreads !!!

The option market is great ....but leave the risk behind .,... yes you will limit your gains ... but security always has a price.


General Discussion · Check this out "Industry less than 1"
msg #55496
10/3/2007 1:20:50 PM

industry < 1 ...lets see what we are looking at :

set{rss, close / close 90 days ago}
set{spx120,ind(^spx,close 90 days ago)}
set{rsb, spxc / spx120}

set{rs1, rss - rsb}

close > 15
shares outstanding < 100
ma(50) > ma(200)
industry < 1

add column rs1
set{momo, ma(50) * 1.2}
draw momo on plot price
sort column 5 descending

add column industry

Filter Exchange · hammer filter builder help
msg #55459
10/1/2007 10:34:23 PM

...this sounded like a simple request ...until the results don't quite look at what you'd expect. More of a challenge then I expected...before I enter in too many of my biases I thought I'd post it ....not exactly what you are looking for ,,,but perhaps will get some neurons to fire... some interesting results !

set{body_size,body_top - body_bottom}
set{lshadowsize, body_bottom - low}
/* *********** had a typo here ********* */
set{body_size2, body_size * 2}
set{tshadowsize, high - body_top}
lshadowsize is greater then .2
and lshadowsize is greater then body_size2
and body_size is greater then 0
and price is greater then .5
and open is less then Lower Bollinger Band(20)
and close is greater then open
and offset 0 days ago

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