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4/10/2007 11:11:47 PM

Can someone tell me how to find Muddy's web site/chat room. thanx

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4/11/2007 12:19:29 AM

I did a quick search on Yahoo! and I believe this is it:

Give Muddy my greetz!

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4/11/2007 8:51:06 AM

Thank you for the help.

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4/12/2007 9:36:21 PM

Below is the chat room URL.

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4/15/2007 9:11:06 AM

Newer traders are definitely invited here,you are treated with respect.
Years ago when I started out I knew absolutely nothing but had a great teacher who patiently taught me as I went along.
As I got better and better he told me if I ever got good and had the time to give back.
I'm trying.
From a fellow bloggers blog who is newer to trading:

April 12th 2007 Posted in Blonde Blog

One of my questions to Muddy today was, “How do you know when to sell?” I kept worrying about stocks that were soaring and getting Overextended or Overbought. He said put a 3% trailing stop on it, that way you can ride it to the moon but get out when it starts to come back to earth. Each situation is a little different but there are some general rules of thumb to go by. I learned a lot today! The guys on “greenonthescreen” blogspot helped me learn so much, I didnt feel “totally blonde”! I was able to ask really “green” questions and they didnt laugh! It was great. They said a lot of stuff I did not understand but when I asked they explained it to me. Now that is the way to learn!

April 13th 2007 Posted in Video Shows

GO CPNLQ!!!!! I have never seen a stock rocket like CPNLQ. I bought only 500 shares yesterday ( wish to god I had bought more!) at $2.58. I sold it today at $3.23. Made a cool $1,000. A big thankyou to MUDDY. He coached me through it and taught me how to ride a rocket without losing all your gains in case it comes plummeting back to earth. Simple. He told me just to keep a mental calculation of 3% trailing stop loss. No matter how high it goes, if goes down 3%, time to cut it loose. Without his coaching, I would have chickened out and sold it way too early and left a lot of money on the table. I spent the day again on Great resource for NEW TRADERS like ME! Listened in on other traders and what they were getting in on. I will talk more about what I learned today from some PROs in my Sunday video. I learned so much! Muddy showed me how to figure out where to pick up a hot stock on a pullback. I will talk about picking up IVAN and CPNLQ again when they get in the “Pullback Zone”.

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4/15/2007 2:23:19 PM

muddy is awesome

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4/15/2007 10:47:00 PM

I have looked up your filters in the public filter area under author: Murknd. I have accessed your web site, and you list twenty stocks, and you credit a stockfetcher filter and of those 13 were winners. What filter did you use of those listed. You also mention entering on green. I have done a search of the forum, and I can not find it. What does enter on green mean. You talk of a red day and green day. I presume that means dow up, dow down. Does enter on green mean dow up day.
For those who find it hard to place trades at work, and it easier the night before, any suggestions? What do you think of buy stops. With Scottrade, it is a .15 difference between close and stop. If it goes in the direction away from the stop, no harm done. Depending on the price of the stock, .15 can be a big move.
Do you short stocks. I would think it might be easier to find stocks going south than north sometimes. What screen would you suggest for those.

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4/16/2007 1:31:49 AM


>What filter did you use of those listed.
As far as I know all of them were previously sq/vol/break -outs. Read thread 'Squeeze 'em by the "BOLLs"'. Then look for retreat to MZ (MuddyZone, EMA(13), SMA(20) if I remember)

>What does enter on green mean
In general it means to buy when the price is after 30-45min of trading higher than previous day close. Better to be accompanied with average volume.
Serach forums for 'wait for green'

>Do you short stocks.
I think Muddy doesn't short.

That's recap of my knowledge from following Muddy for couple of months.

Best regards

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4/16/2007 1:46:48 AM


>For those who find it hard to place trades at work, and it easier the night before, any suggestions?

My personal opinion is that using sq/vol/break and retreat to MZ can be hardly followed (the way Muddy is doing it) by people that can't watch the market during trading hours. The thing is that Muddy's picks have high volatility (~high risk).
I recomend to read (also found thanks to Muddy) and look for "Traders Action Zone (TAZ)"

That's my 2 cents

Best regards

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4/16/2007 7:29:53 AM

Thanks Biely,
Good answers.

Hi Niagara
I'd just like to add that if you do a search box entry of "filters I use" on my blog you'll see an explanation of the stuff I use.
Please note that I use the ema30/sma10 as the pullback zone now.
Also that the explanation for filter (4),the fastk revesal can be found here at SF on the public filters forum.
For entries on stocks in the MZ pullback zone if you intend to swingtrade them,imo it's not that critical as long the stock is green with about average volume.

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