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Filter Exchange · Using the IBD 200
msg #51600
5/15/2007 6:43:01 AM

I would say that this is worth pursuing
A friend of mine has followed/traded it and seems pleased so far with the results.

General Discussion · AH trading
msg #51418
5/3/2007 11:48:04 PM

There are ways to find the best candidates out of the whole universe of stocks reporting earnings.
You need to go to:
and do a search on all the articles posted about earnings,it's far to detailed to get into here.

Also you want to not always look for the big AH ups like CROX, but ones like tomorrow's SGTL EXEL MOBE FSLR SFLY that report good earnings but aren't up so much in AH.The reason is that they are often more catchable because of a smaller gapup on open and then a possible run.Important is vol,vol,vol!

Also you want to look for earnings ones that hit the Premarket Leader Board LATE!
Like with 30 minutes until the open or less,the closer to open the better.

It's explained in my post "an aha moment" on my blog

This week alone I've made 11 earnings trades and have hit all 11, SMDI NVEC NTLS GTI ININ TTMI ANPI CEDC ROCM CRNT AGIX.
No big gains at all but nice few %'s out of every one of them.
The entries and exits can be found on all my trades by clicking on "my trades" on my blogsite.

Before you get started on this I'll tell you right now ....There is no easy way to learn this earnings/ah/pre stuff,it takes alot of reading and some hard work.
There is no lazy way to go about this.You don't do your homework and understand the theories behind it you can get whacked with these gappers.

General Discussion · MUDDY WEB SITE??
msg #51143
4/16/2007 7:29:53 AM

Thanks Biely,
Good answers.

Hi Niagara
I'd just like to add that if you do a search box entry of "filters I use" on my blog you'll see an explanation of the stuff I use.
Please note that I use the ema30/sma10 as the pullback zone now.
Also that the explanation for filter (4),the fastk revesal can be found here at SF on the public filters forum.
For entries on stocks in the MZ pullback zone if you intend to swingtrade them,imo it's not that critical as long the stock is green with about average volume.

General Discussion · MUDDY WEB SITE??
msg #51115
4/15/2007 9:11:06 AM

Newer traders are definitely invited here,you are treated with respect.
Years ago when I started out I knew absolutely nothing but had a great teacher who patiently taught me as I went along.
As I got better and better he told me if I ever got good and had the time to give back.
I'm trying.
From a fellow bloggers blog who is newer to trading:

April 12th 2007 Posted in Blonde Blog

One of my questions to Muddy today was, “How do you know when to sell?” I kept worrying about stocks that were soaring and getting Overextended or Overbought. He said put a 3% trailing stop on it, that way you can ride it to the moon but get out when it starts to come back to earth. Each situation is a little different but there are some general rules of thumb to go by. I learned a lot today! The guys on “greenonthescreen” blogspot helped me learn so much, I didnt feel “totally blonde”! I was able to ask really “green” questions and they didnt laugh! It was great. They said a lot of stuff I did not understand but when I asked they explained it to me. Now that is the way to learn!

April 13th 2007 Posted in Video Shows

GO CPNLQ!!!!! I have never seen a stock rocket like CPNLQ. I bought only 500 shares yesterday ( wish to god I had bought more!) at $2.58. I sold it today at $3.23. Made a cool $1,000. A big thankyou to MUDDY. He coached me through it and taught me how to ride a rocket without losing all your gains in case it comes plummeting back to earth. Simple. He told me just to keep a mental calculation of 3% trailing stop loss. No matter how high it goes, if goes down 3%, time to cut it loose. Without his coaching, I would have chickened out and sold it way too early and left a lot of money on the table. I spent the day again on Great resource for NEW TRADERS like ME! Listened in on other traders and what they were getting in on. I will talk more about what I learned today from some PROs in my Sunday video. I learned so much! Muddy showed me how to figure out where to pick up a hot stock on a pullback. I will talk about picking up IVAN and CPNLQ again when they get in the “Pullback Zone”.

General Discussion · bottom of biotech stocks today-buy these now
msg #51114
4/15/2007 8:12:20 AM

Niko said:
"I would personally like to see them post their trade logs or, better yet, see them in action in REAL TIME."

Niko,come into my chat,I'll pm you there.
I'll give you my trades/watches as they unfold.
It doesn't get anymore REAL TIME than that.

BTW,I'm enjoying your posts,good stuff.

General Discussion · bottom of biotech stocks today-buy these now
msg #51113
4/15/2007 8:04:20 AM

"Word of caution is it’s your hard earned money and no one is going to share the actual trading secrets.

I would appreciate a trader being sincere and talk about both his profits and loss. Else I give a damn to all those jokers fooling newbie as they are some prophet."

Actually I do share all my trading "secrets" and have for years.
As for myself I don't consider myself a "trading god" or guru,just someone who consistently racks up decent profits year after year.
If someone goes on and on about only the winners they have and never mentions any losses then yeah,I agree,it doesn't look too cool.

Myself,I put up watches/picks on my blog every now and then, BEFOREHAND,so all can see the the results,whether they be good or bad,none of that bs i've seen
where a blogger will go in and edit a post if a trade isn't going their way.
My word is WORD,you can bank that.

Here's my latest group of watches/picks from my blog:

Friday, April 13, 2007

This post dated April 7th showed as of that date this port list at 13 gains 5 losses 2 breakevens with an overall port gain of 7.4%
It now stands at 13 gains 2 losses 5 breakevens with a nice increase in overall port value of 13% !

The 2 losses are minor:

WITM -4%
BQI -2%

Heading the gainers list are:

RPTN +41%
SUF +38%
ANO +30%
IVAN +24%
ONT +22%
ASTI +22%
BMD +20%
LJPC +18%
ESLR +16%
SIGA +12%
ZROS +11%

Update after 2 (9 days in this case) weeks:

SUF +43%
RPTN +32%
ONT +32%
ANO +30%
ASTI +29%
JDO +28%
BMD +23%
IVAN +23%
LJPC +18%
SIGA +18%
ESLR +17%
SDRG +6%
ZROS +5%
NNPP +5%
BVSN +2%
DSTI +2%


WITM -9%
BQI -1%
OVTI -1%
VION -1%

16 Gainers 4 Losers Overall port value +16.35

Of the ones that I still have in play I'll set a tighter trailer,take my profits,and move on to a new list of MZ pullbacks which I will scan for sometime this weekend.

Note that 2 weeks when these were posted a bunch of folks were as they are now,expecting a market reversal,which could be very true.
But I posted them anyway.
I have 110% confidence in my methods/ability for trading and finding "live" candidates.
If this group of stocks had failed overall,I know that in time overall I will still come out nicely ahead with new candidates.
I've done it for 4 decades and I don't expect it to change.

To all the newer traders out there,keep it as simple,find what works for you,stick with it,learn money management and don't ever get greedy

General Discussion · Is this a Dead Cat Bounce?
msg #51072
4/13/2007 11:12:32 PM


You took it the wrong way,the smile wasn't meant as sarcasm in any way at all.
It was meant that I enjoy Niko's posts/idea's very much.
He is right on about a bunch of stuff,and his comment about daytraders not caring about market direction is correct.
So it brought a smile to my face that he and others like myself see that.
How is that being sarcastic?
If you've been around here any length of time you'd know that for years I've posted hundreds of times trying to help folks out,never asking once for anything in return.
I have given away all my so called "secrets" for free,ALL of them,hiding none.
I've spent countless hours on my SF/yahoo group,my blog and now in my chatroom patiently trying to help folks become a little better of a trader.
You are way off base with your comment,I think you need to lighten up a bit,life ain't that serious

General Discussion · Is this a Dead Cat Bounce?
msg #51068
4/13/2007 8:32:17 PM

"I'm really beginning to sense that the reversal is not too far off though. But what do I care, I'm just a day trader."


Filter Exchange · A multi indicator filter
msg #50724
3/29/2007 7:26:31 AM

I'd add average day range(30)is greater than 4
This will help get rid of some dead wood.
Since it will on many days greatly reduce the number of matches I'd up the price range to 1 to 20.
Many good runners can be found in the 10 to 20 range so adding day range(30)above 4 serves 2 purposes here.

Fetcher[Fast Stochastic(10) %K is above Fast Stochastic(10) %D
and Fast Stochastic(10) %K is increasing
and Williams %R(14) increasing for 1 days
and the RSI(10) is below RSI(10) 3 days ago
and the RSI(10) is above RSI(10) 1 days ago
and price is between 1 and 20
and volume is above 500000
average day range(30)is above 4
offset is 3/19/07

I put the offset to 3/19/07 so you can the difference ADR30 above 4 can make

Filter Exchange · Need Help developing a scan.
msg #50698
3/27/2007 9:12:05 AM

Here's one in a very long squeeze you'd wonder if it would ever breakout.


Today looks like the day.
On news.

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