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msg #73516
4/15/2009 1:40:16 AM

you are out a lot of money on the GS calls

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52052
6/7/2007 1:11:33 PM

what's the best way to profit from the entire market falling without the ability to buy entire market puts? tomorrow seems like a critical day for the S&p 500 to bounce. It is lying on its bottom linear regression line

Filter Exchange · Hybrid filter of RSI(2)
msg #51733
5/21/2007 6:01:24 PM

Have you thought about adding another line to both of your filters to weed out the stocks that are basically flat? It seems like the stocks with high volatility up and down perform the best.

Filter Exchange · Hybrid filter of RSI(2)
msg #51685
5/18/2007 5:49:27 PM

I've found bollinger band break filters to work well with options. Only for biotechs that seem to stay flatish and breakout though.

General Discussion · MUDDY WEB SITE??
msg #51125
4/15/2007 2:23:19 PM

muddy is awesome

General Discussion · Squeeze 'em by the "BOLLs"
msg #50585
3/16/2007 4:41:57 PM

Muddy, so you use sq/vol/br filter, the bollingerband breakout filter, and the muddy bounce filter? how do you keep up with all of the picks?

General Discussion · Institutional Ownership
msg #50529
3/11/2007 4:16:37 PM seems to have the most updated institutional ownership information. seems very behind.

Are there any websites that say, plot institutionalship at least weekly?
Or is this information that people are trying to keep away from the average person?

General Discussion · add column optionable?
msg #50486
3/8/2007 9:56:19 PM

Is there a way to merely show the column, yet not filter for the option value? I put add column optionable in my global filter and it seems to filter out the non-optionable stocks.


General Discussion · identifying market manipulation
msg #49763
2/1/2007 5:46:03 PM

General Discussion · identifying market manipulation
msg #49762
2/1/2007 5:31:50 PM

What do you guys do about identifying market manipulation? What if your lots aren't large enough and you don't have margin/after hours access? Quite the disadvantage to have, can't even be stopped out at a reasonable price.

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