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4/14/2007 9:00:03 PM

I stand corrected. I have fooled around a fair amount with political forums, and that group can be testy. I have followed other forums such as elite trader, not participating in discussion, but where there seems to be hostility of the experienced to the nonexperienced, or whatever. I admire your skills, and as a boy, I thought it would be neat to be a stockbroker. Alas, that did not happen, but I have had a successful career elsewhere. A little over a year ago, I thought maybe I could do both to some degree, and so I have frequented forums such at ET and here, and checked out software, but did not post, because I really had nothing to add. Thank you for the information, and I will research your past posts.
Thanks again for the information. I can understand that the closer you get to the action, daytrading, the more nimble you are. All you have to do is keep out of the way of falling trees as they fall.

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4/15/2007 9:24:28 AM

Niagra, I have invested for years and made some short plays as well (swings). I daytrade when I can and my returns are much higher. I still use scans to find quick bouncers and when my discipline is in check and MY OWN RULES are followed, I do very well. So, in regards to using SF...back testing and finding those "gems" based on your own criteria are critical. On the daytrade....the filters (watch list) I use merely give me the data in advance based on my own indicators of volatile stocks and help stack the odds in advance. As with Niko...I really don't care where the market is headed in most long term wealth is based on value and dividends. I would never forego my long term positions to use as "trading" capital.

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4/15/2007 10:59:29 AM

...Do you like TRO not trade in the first half hour of the day...



Nothing could be further from the truth about my trading!

The first 30 - 60 minutes are the most profitable, at least for me, that's when I "Milk the Cows" and make "AAPL Juice".

If you don't have the proper information or tools to trade at the open, then I agree - STAY AWAY.

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4/16/2007 12:45:37 PM

"Silly traders....the market is dead! I told you all to "get to higher ground" until I tell you the world is safe again!"



Oops....guess there's a first time for everything huh? Even THEMIGHTYRIGGS can be wrong once in awhile. Sorry guys....


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4/16/2007 2:22:00 PM

Maybe WSG wasn't that wrong with telling us, that the market will turn downwards again. Was, if the actual gap in S&P 500 is an exhausting gap? Why is RSI(2) on daily and monthly basis (SPY) showing us a bearish divergence? Why does MACD-H (8,4) showing us this bearish divergence too? And why is volume going back while price is increasing?

Sorry, personally speaking, WSG was to early, but not wrong. Time will tell us!

What do you think about SPY? Have a look @ SDS (ultrashort SPY). Wouldn't you buy that stock, which means, that the underlying (SPY) has to go the opposite direction? :-O

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4/16/2007 3:09:36 PM

In this game, timing is everything. No matter how much you're right (even a broken clock is right twice a day), if your time is off you can potentially lose your shirt long before your prediction bears fruit. HOWEVER, wI just heard a death knell ringing over the horizon. Tomorrow? Maybe. In two or three days? Most likely.

Just don't quote me on this, I'm just a day trader. But then again, Riggs rightfully deserves all the credit .

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4/17/2007 1:25:12 AM

Asian markets are slipping and sliding as I write. Just how much effect this will have on the U.S. market tomorrow I cannot say, but it sure hell looks like the euphoric madness of the past six months is finally coming home to roost.

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4/17/2007 3:52:36 AM

RIGGS,I was thinking of a cocky post this after noon,something like WSG losing his direction and getting lost in the trees and we would have to find him,LOL,but now you wrecked it for me.QID almost hit a tripple bottom
and DXD looks near the only support it has and SDS looks like it may have broken a double bottom.True QID tripple bottom is just under 50,but put the last double bottom catch at 50.50,which was todays low,and still on my list at that price.If these break support,there will probably be a rally past all-time highs.If they reverse here,this is a great way to play a market fall(QID up 14% from 50.50 last swing).If the market takes a major-long lasting dive then these should form a large bowl pattern that would of course mirror the NAZ,S&P,DOW.

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4/18/2007 12:12:22 PM

On an intraday chart, what looked like a double top at first is now taking on the shape of an inverted head & shoulder. It's going to be an interesting day.

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4/19/2007 12:52:05 AM

Don't forget, tomorrow's the D-day. The bears should be crawling out of their hibernation by now and mobilizing to rear their ugly heads yet again. I'm that cute little mascot on the sideline cheering for the bears (wink wink).

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