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7/21/2011 4:02:35 AM

what is PPT?

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7/21/2011 4:02:57 AM

Hi all

i combined the two filters again and i like the result ;-).

Fetcher[set{newhigh, high 1 month high}
set{maratio ,100*ma(7) divided by ma(65)}

show stocks where
average volume(10) is above 100000 and
close is above 1
and draw high 1 month high
and draw Stochastic(14,3,3) %K
and 6 days slope of newhigh equals 0
and newhigh 6 days ago was below newhigh
and ma(65) 6 days ago is increasing for 2 days
and maratio is above 100

add column maratio
and sort column 5 descending

@irishpitbull: this should reduce your effort to scan through thousands of charts each weekend...

I choose 6 days for the length of the horizontal consolidation. Of course you can change it to whatever you like.

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7/21/2011 5:29:37 AM


Will explain how you to use your filter, with detail and what is PPT?

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7/21/2011 9:21:44 AM

Thanks ipaid, Ill give it a shot.

PPT is a service. I use for for verity of things, like market timing, short %, institutional buying. It is pay service, but I think there are some free ones out there.

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7/21/2011 11:07:20 AM

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7/21/2011 11:35:55 AM

These look to have all broken out already.

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7/21/2011 12:04:31 PM

Ok. It seems then that we have a different understanding of breakouts. For me it works quite well. For example IPSU that is up now 17% in 10 days. It broke out of a 20 days horizontal consolidation.

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7/21/2011 12:50:40 PM

Ipaid I think you and I are on the same page I was talking about that other filter that was posted eman

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7/21/2011 3:49:22 PM

Guys, Pls help

When I ran Irishpitbull's filter it gave me 303 stocks. Now what do I do. Check chart for each or do something else before that?
Do you consider SP timing and if it is over bought or over sold condition or just buy if there is a breakout?
Would appreciate your help.

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7/21/2011 4:29:49 PM


What i do is scanning through all charts returned by the filter. The criteria i look for is:
- Consolidation area, the more horizontal the better and the longer the better
- Find a clear resistance line where highs bounce off. The more bounces the better. (i use candlestick charts...)
- Check whether Stochastik %K starts converging against %D
- Average day range the smaller the better
- Check volume rising

If a stock matches my criteria, i place a stop buy above resistance and then i wait until it is triggered. Might be next day or next week or never when the stock turns down (then i cancel the stop buy).

If the stop buy is triggered, i watch the stock very close until i'm sure it is a real breakout. If it is a false breakout, i close the position immediately.

A good example might be EXPE. Had several nice consolidations.

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