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Stock Picks and Trading · Happy New year!!
msg #155352
1/18/2021 9:28:06 AM

JP I don't go to the message boards all that much anymore.
So a late Happy New Year, hope you post some trades.

Stock Picks and Trading · Merlyn New ETF = DUDE Starting Today (1/4/21)
msg #155351
1/18/2021 9:24:55 AM

So I pay you 1.32% for a bullish/bearish indicator, let me guess 50sma crosses below 200sma.
They have 110 million so far, how do I start one?

JP lets start our own fund, I am sure you could beat ARKK.

General Discussion · EDGERATER discussion
msg #155349
1/18/2021 9:06:27 AM

You are on the right track here and the RSI 2 is a great oversold/overbought indicator.
You are getting several important pieces of data when running the scan:
First is total number of returns, if the overall market is oversold you would expect a very large number of returns.
If it is a small amount of returns, the individual stock has an issue or could be issues in a sector, you may not want to take the trade automatically.

You could use relative strength greater than the SPX, I think it is important to limit your overall list to the market leaders (for bullish) it needs to be in an uptrend- example ( Close > 100sma) (slope of 100SMA > 0).
You should use a better entry, SF only has eod data for testing try close > close 1 day ago.
Exit could be Close < Close 1 day ago.

This is basically buy the dip or sell the rip, when you add in support and resistance you can get a real nice entry.

General Discussion · Swing Trading Ideas and methods
msg #154734
11/24/2020 7:04:18 AM

How to trade:
buy stocks that are going up and sell stocks that are going down.

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #153713
8/24/2020 10:27:02 AM

DRV anyone?

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #153633
8/19/2020 11:07:27 AM

VXX oversold 80% chance of a pop in the next 2 days. take 3% and be happy. 24 would be good entry.

Stock Picks and Trading · Picks and Pans Since Jan 2020
msg #153632
8/19/2020 11:00:56 AM

Thanks for the mention!

General Discussion · Swing Trading Ideas and methods
msg #151541
3/29/2020 12:16:22 PM

yes I run scans about every day but dont post much anymore.

General Discussion · Swing Trading Ideas and methods
msg #151539
3/28/2020 8:15:07 PM

Nice chart

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #148122
6/11/2019 10:38:36 PM

FAZ and SDS hit the buy signal today. I have been trading 2900 spx today’s high would be a good stop looking for a swing lower. Weekly up trend still intact.

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