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10/28/2003 9:10:41 AM

Now you can create your own custom moving averages for any measure on StockFetcher. The moving average is based on the simple moving average forumula. At this time we do not support custom exponential moving averages.

Basic Usage: cma(Indicator,days)

Some examples:

1. Create a 20-day moving average of the high price.
Fetcher[show stocks where the close is above CMA(high,20)]

2. Create a moving average crossover based on the close and open price.
set{sum1,close + open}
set{avg,sum1 / 2.0}
show stocks where CMA(avg,10,1) crossed above the CMA(avg,50,1)

Note: The third parameter "1" tells StockFetcher to plot that measure on the main price plot.

3. Create a custom average for the CCI indicator.
Fetcher[show stocks where the CCI(14) crossed above CMA(CCI(14),21)]

4. Find stocks where the upper Bollinger Band crossed below the 5 day average of the upper Bollinger band.
Fetcher[show stocks where the Upper Bollinger Band(20) crossed below the CMA(Upper Bollinger Band(20),5)]

As always, let us know if you have any comments, find any bugs or have any questions!

Thank you, Support

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10/28/2003 9:16:20 AM

Wow, two announcemens in a week. great work

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10/30/2003 12:20:31 AM

Very nice feature, thank you Stockfetcher.

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11/9/2003 12:56:14 PM

I'm getting some very strange results using CMA. Not at all what was expected on the charts!

Fetcher[Price above 0.21 and Price below 1.99 and Average Volume(30) above 350000 and Volume above 25000 and MA 10 crossed above CMA(high,20) and Draw MA 10 and Draw CMA(high,20)]

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11/9/2003 2:59:43 PM

Hey AntNet... I looked at the chart for VRA from your filter... VRA is one of the stocks I tracked. Everything looked right to me. What were you expecting?

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11/10/2003 1:46:23 PM

The filter uses "MA 10 crossed above CMA(high,20)"
"and Draw MA 10 and Draw CMA(high,20)"

the charts I see indicate a cross of MA(90) and MA(20).

There appears to be an error ????

On second look I see that I left off the parenthesis in MA 10.
It should be MA(10).

That correction now lists MA(10) and MA(20), in the charts, without any type of confirmation that CMA(High,20) was actually used. It may have been but there is no way to know that.

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11/11/2003 9:29:43 AM

I added "and draw ma(20)and draw cma(high,1)" to your filter, just looking for some evidence that CMA was working. The ma(20) is obviously a different line than cma(high,20), and cma(high,1) appears to be referencing the high of each bar, so my guess is that it's working properly. However, I understand your concern about CMA(high,20) not being properly labeled on the chart.

Best regards,


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11/11/2003 1:35:16 PM


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have made a change to display more information in the legend for the CMA measures. Please let us know if this does not clear up the confusion you were noticing.

Thank you again!

Tom Support

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3/22/2004 9:58:08 AM

Do you think this will ever be extended to being able to calculate CMAs on User-Defined variables?

Thanks. Dan.

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3/22/2004 10:11:50 AM


What sort of problems are you having with the custom average and user-defined variables? Below is an example that should show a variable along with the custom average of the variable:

Fetcher[set{myvar, high 3 month high - low 3 month low}
show stocks where myvar crossed above the CMA(myvar,10)

Hopefully the above helped. If it is was not what you were looking for, please let us know.

Tom Support

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