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General Discussion · command document
msg #34195
12/1/2004 8:03:48 AM


Bollinger Oscillator crossed above -100 and draw Bollinger Bands(20) and not
Bolligner Oscillator crossed above -100 and draw Bollinger Bands(20) check bollinger spelling!

General Discussion · Technique: Removing spikes from averages
msg #34047
11/22/2004 6:55:10 AM

one way to do it for close value would be to use the values inside the bb bands only. adjust the parameters for 95%,99.9% confidence

General Discussion · Help with slope command
msg #34030
11/21/2004 8:33:03 AM

a 0 slope will give you a horz line , aslope of +1 a 45 degree angle

using your example and shortening the time period you will get steeper negative slopes
Fetcher[5 day slope of the close is below -.5 and add column 5 day slope of close]

it is just that a stock going down for 10 days at a -1 slope are rare,usually!!

Filter Exchange · Best Filter Contest.
msg #33981
11/17/2004 7:02:59 AM

why the 80 days offset?

Filter Exchange · FOUND : a StockFetcher Cookie !
msg #33766
10/31/2004 9:26:54 AM

and what would be the market numbers for TSX and VCX canadian exchanges ?

General Discussion · question about OBV
msg #33598
10/18/2004 1:44:33 PM

Announcements New Functions: Custom EMA and Custom Weight

you will figure it out easyly

General Discussion · Scanning by Canadian Sector/Industires
msg #33557
10/12/2004 4:38:39 PM

yes i vote for this

Filter Exchange · Swing trades strongly trending stocks
msg #33514
10/6/2004 8:27:40 AM

how do you backtest? "date offset is?

Filter Exchange · Difference between "1 day ago" and "date offset is 1".
msg #33498
10/5/2004 7:08:21 AM

indeed, there seems to be a difference in the results from using "1 day ago" and "date offset is 1"
Fetcher[close is below 6 and date offset is 1]

returns 3122 matches

Fetcher[close 1 day ago is below 6]

returns 3191 matches

maybe Tomb should look into it or we should post in the bugs section

General Discussion · add column high 4 week close
msg #33452
9/30/2004 7:24:13 AM

you are almost there
Fetcher[close is above 4 and draw 4 week high add column high 4 week high ]

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