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Announcements · New Feature: Custom Moving Averages
msg #29568
10/30/2003 12:20:31 AM

Very nice feature, thank you Stockfetcher.

Filter Exchange · EMA Short Filter
msg #28921
9/27/2003 3:51:48 PM

A basic short filter to help profit during market corrections:

Fetcher[EMA(5) crossed below EMA(10) and average volume(20) above 800000 and volume above 1000000 and close between 5 and 20]

Good luck and good trading.

General Discussion · Buy/Sell at Market or Limit?
msg #28371
9/6/2003 4:40:43 PM

Stephen, PVTL traded 176,000 shares Friday so it's no wonder why orders weren't filled. Same situation with RCOM. Low volume equals low market interest, meaning no one was there to buy the shares.

You've stated that you will be playing with a respectable amount of money, so it might be in your best interest to trade in higher liquidity.

Do your research to find out what happens when you enter a market vs. limit order, particularly on listed stocks. In some cases it might be cheaper just to send the specialist or market maker a check. You run the risk of experiencing considerable slippage with a market order.

msg #28148
8/29/2003 2:02:20 AM

WDC declined nearly $3 on July 25th not because of stochastics, but because of a negative report and its subsequent downgrade by Needham & Co.

From CBS MarketWatch:

"...Western Digital dropped 15 percent to $9.95. The disk-drive maker reported fiscal fourth-quarter financial results that were better than expected, but the company's purchase of Read-Rite created uncertainties investors didn't want. The purchase of Read-Rite, which makes disk-drive recording heads, was approved Thursday by a bankruptcy court for $95.4 million in cash."

General Discussion · S/R
msg #27900
8/17/2003 7:44:04 PM

Support/resistance lines generated from price action can also be found at, which includes a detailed description of all areas of support and resistance for the last 6 months.

Filter Exchange · Support and Resistance
msg #27560
7/25/2003 1:18:09 AM

A support/resistance calculator is available at

with the following explanation:

"Pivot points are calculated by taking the sum of the prior day's high, low, close and today's opening price and dividing it by four. This gives you a single average number. The four other points (1st support, 2nd support, 1st resistance, 2nd resistance) are arrived upon by either adding or subtracting this number from other numbers in the series. Floor traders who use the pivots will generally be bullish if price is above the pivot point. This might be expressed in buying more aggressively then selling (remember that most floor traders are essentially market markers and are willing to transact either long or short in any given area)."

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