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1/9/2020 7:26:06 PM

Village Elder ,
Let me be the first to congratulate you !

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1/9/2020 7:54:14 PM

Yeah INPX was up 170% January 2nd. HAPPY NEWYEAR!! I'm out.

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1/9/2020 7:55:14 PM

Village Elder
For beginners who don't do shorts, one could wait several days and some of your short one-day wonders
may become scalps on the long side, e.g. SAVA, CRTX

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1/9/2020 9:12:43 PM

Village Elder,

Best of luck with AGTC, it looks like a very promising short.

If I could suggest one tip: perhaps utilize a parameter limiting stocks with an extremely low market cap or shares outstanding. For example, you could dodge a lot of short squeezes by eliminating candidates that have a shares outstanding of under 3 or 4 million.

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1/9/2020 11:14:21 PM

Thanks for sharing Village Elder!

Village Elder
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1/10/2020 8:51:23 AM

@KSK8 - good suggestion. This can be done in SF by simply adding "market cap is above 5". Having added this in a quick test it does not change any of the recent calls, but I will incorporate it into the filter going forward.

My trades in this are purely theoretical right now, and are designed to pressure test the filter strategy. I am assuming one can get sufficient shares to short and get them at the open price - often that is not the case and you either can't get in the trade or you take a hit on the bid/ask spread. Ignoring these complications for now to see how well the concept works before committing real money to it.

I respect folks here who share freely and transparently, and this is my effort at doing the same.

Good luck in your AGTC trade.

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1/10/2020 12:00:51 PM

This will help. Short on a red candle through upper bb.

close above 3
close above close 1 day ago
close * volume above 1000000
set{mass5, average volume(5) / average volume(50)}
set{new_momentum, ROC(5,1) * mass5}
draw roc(5,1) line at 50
add column new_momentum
add column roc(5,1)
sort on column 5 descending
roc(5,1) above 50
chart-time is 21 days
Draw bollinger band(20)

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1/10/2020 6:57:35 PM

Shouldn’t it be close is below close one day ago, if looking for a red candle thru upper bb?

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1/10/2020 7:26:58 PM

Just made it to manually observe, maybe you want to get in as it's approaching the line.

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1/10/2020 10:00:35 PM

Interesting filter and wonderful results recently. I'm not big on shorting shares directly. I prefer to sell call credit spreads on equities I'd like to short. Defined risk/reward and having Theta decay on my side helps. But these seem to happen quickly so playing it with a long term call credit spread isn't ideal.
Anyway pretty impressive filter so far. I'll be following.

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