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3/22/2019 12:36:52 AM

Questions for KSK8

1. Are you paper trading or live trading?

2. If live trading, what broker are you using?
Looking at Interactive Brokers "View Shortable Stocks" list shows that these stocks would have been hard to borrow.
Opening prices of stocks selected were:
AQB 3.9
BIOC 1.2
ZN 0.89
SLNO 2.91
ESTR 2.07

3. Do you sell at market or do you use a limit order? Entry prices for some stocks seem to be higher than the market open price. If you set your entry at market and shares aren't available to short, do you just leave your order open hoping it will fill during the day?

Some short systems backtest great but are difficult to trade.


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3/22/2019 3:02:06 AM

I use Centerpoint; best broker to short hard to borrow securities since it gives you the capability to locate shares by yourself. You can also reserve shares to short which is how I get my orders filled immediately on the open. The caveat to Centerpoint is the damn fee's it burdens on the trade. Shorting hard to borrow securities can get expensive and reserving shares to short can also be expensive-even if you end up deciding not to short those shares.

In 2 or 3 more weeks, my calls will have outperformed every person who has ever posted call-outs on this site. Hence the title.


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3/22/2019 9:56:13 PM

Thanks KSK8. Interesting post.
I've heard the costs to borrow these "hard to borrow" stocks can be quite high.
Can you advise what the typical costs would be to trade this - and how much it eats into your profit?
What is Centerpoint's minimum account balance?
Thank you.

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3/25/2019 11:23:45 AM

I like what you are doing, and I appreciate that you make the calls ahead of time, unlike others here who seems to have exceptional track records the day after a big move.

My concern on several of your threads is that there are not enough shares available to short, and that the bis/ask spreads on some of these trades (e.g., ZN, SLNO) make them impossible to trade, or to trade profitably.

Keep posting - I am doing something similar (we have not trade any of the same stocks yet), and I typically use a cross of the ROC(5,1) below 50 as a signal to exit, rather than just to buy back at the close.

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3/25/2019 12:33:36 PM


Depends on how liquid the stock is. Regarding minimum balance to open an acc, 30k.


Partially correct. Today, if you tried short selling any of the tickers I listed previously, considering their hype has died down, YOU WILL be faced with a lack of shares to short along with a wide bid/ask spread because of how illiquid they might be as of today. Look at the dollar volume on the days I made the calls. High dollar volume = Less expensive borrow fees and a tight spread!! Now, if you use TD Ameritrade, it WILL be nearly impossible to do this type of trading considering you can't locate HTB shares without having to go through a lengthy process.

Some guy named Steven Dux is doing something similar to what I am doing. Go google his name.


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3/25/2019 4:16:00 PM

I've have been following you daily and observing your trades. I will have to say you got something here that is very intriguing. Also, I have been testing with all your short filters and see how you were coming up with your picks. Do you have other filters that you have not shared with everyone? I noticed that sometimes your picks were not listed in the results. If you get multiple stocks, how do you decide which is the best on to play? Do you run the filter the night before, pre-market or during the trading day? Do you also have a long filter that uses the same type of indicators?

I have been studying this filter or yours....

/* short open, cover close */

market is not ETF
market is not OTCBB

set{x1, max(open,close)}
set{x2, min(open,close)}
set{x3, x1-x2}
set{x4, cema(x3,20)*2}
set{x5, count(ROC(10) > 50,1)}
set{x6, count(RSI(2) > 98,1)}
set{x7, count(close > 0.1,1)}
set{x8, count(volume > 1000000,1)}
set{x9, count(x3 > x4,1)}
set{x10, x5*x6}
set{x11, x10*x7}
set{x12, x11*x8}
set{final, x12*x9}

final > 0

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3/25/2019 7:24:09 PM

Obviously I am using filters that I have chosen not to post on here. Do you really think 55% from only 6 trades is "intriguing"? LOL just wait till I reach 30 trades! Keep in mind I am compounding!

I get my picks from a mega filter I've built. Some of the components I have publicly posted are in it, but the majority aren't. Might post them in the future.

Now to answer your questions;

If I get multiple candidates from my initial filter, I choose whichever is the most liquid and the least expensive to short. I run the filter the night prior, never during the day since my strategy is based upon entering on the open. As for long filters, I have some good ones, but I don't use them anymore because shorting mania's is so much more profitable if done correctly.
Now why don't you guys go and give Shills some attention, I think he is getting lonely talking to himself!

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3/25/2019 8:29:13 PM

Wow, you are really hanging from my jock. I wasn't even getting involved in this inane system. Why did you abandon your other system after a couple massive spikes that you tried to hush up. I let that pass considering you are delusional. Notice how only the newbs. are interested in this fake crap. Let's go over it again as to why this system is broke ass.

1. Hard to borrow fees, meaning you may pay up to 200% if you can even find the shares.

2. Betting 200k and more after compounding will lead to losing your home, cars and wife when you have to pay off your loan.

I was really being polite and actually I am hoping someone tries to trade this system just for entertainment purposes.

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3/25/2019 8:57:29 PM

I think you are jealous honestly. It's hard to take you seriously when you think HTB fee's are that high. Shills, how about you refrain from hijacking this thread and mocking its participants and go back to your lonely corner where you belong.


How about you log on your alt account 'Scott' and have him keep you company.


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3/25/2019 9:35:43 PM

I've seen fees as high as 160%

Anyway, things are really all well it's just that you keep summoning me.
Much success to you.

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