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Filter Exchange · I'm tired of losing money - can someone give me something that works?
msg #147257
4/9/2019 11:34:11 AM

Don't ask for something like that... because they don't have
If there was a such filter, they wouldn't be posting it here and they wouldn't be here experimenting with different filters for
All you are going to hear an earful of what you've just heard so far.. disappointing, right?
Don't expect anyone to post any filters like that because they don't have it

Stock Picks and Trading · KSK8 Questions on The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher
msg #147173
4/1/2019 11:41:52 PM

What about $VIPS and $MDR..What is your opinion on them?

Stock Picks and Trading · KSK8 Questions on The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher
msg #147086
3/26/2019 3:19:44 PM

Your words, not ours.. "My entry will be the market open and I will cover on the close"

Stock Picks and Trading · KSK8 Questions on The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher
msg #147074
3/25/2019 4:16:00 PM

I've have been following you daily and observing your trades. I will have to say you got something here that is very intriguing. Also, I have been testing with all your short filters and see how you were coming up with your picks. Do you have other filters that you have not shared with everyone? I noticed that sometimes your picks were not listed in the results. If you get multiple stocks, how do you decide which is the best on to play? Do you run the filter the night before, pre-market or during the trading day? Do you also have a long filter that uses the same type of indicators?

I have been studying this filter or yours....

/* short open, cover close */

market is not ETF
market is not OTCBB

set{x1, max(open,close)}
set{x2, min(open,close)}
set{x3, x1-x2}
set{x4, cema(x3,20)*2}
set{x5, count(ROC(10) > 50,1)}
set{x6, count(RSI(2) > 98,1)}
set{x7, count(close > 0.1,1)}
set{x8, count(volume > 1000000,1)}
set{x9, count(x3 > x4,1)}
set{x10, x5*x6}
set{x11, x10*x7}
set{x12, x11*x8}
set{final, x12*x9}

final > 0

Filter Exchange · Three Line Strike
msg #146858
3/11/2019 1:50:33 AM

Thank you. This is Bulkowski's most accurate filter for buy, supposedly...

Filter Exchange · Three Line Strike
msg #146853
3/10/2019 1:17:12 AM

Bullish "Three Line Strike" - Candlesticks

Can someone help me writing this filter?

* Number of candle lines: Four.
* Price trend leading to the pattern: Downward.
* Configuration: Look for three black candles forming lower lows followed by a tall white candle that
opens below the prior close and closes above the first day's open. In other words, the last candle spans
most of the price action of the prior three days.



Filter Exchange · Hot off the press! Buy SPY based Solely of VXX Numbers
msg #144649
9/12/2018 11:08:15 PM

Looks awesome. Can you post more filters that applies to other 3X EFTS?

Stock Picks and Trading · EGAN
msg #144552
8/30/2018 11:30:44 AM

Is this filter available somewhere for us to test?

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Corner
msg #144550
8/30/2018 9:51:45 AM

$ERX long? What is your option on it?

Filter Exchange · Best Short Term Filter Ever Used
msg #144280
8/2/2018 10:56:16 PM

Mac, can you post the complete filter here, with your suggested piece added? I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but it is generating a few hundred stocks mixed results. Thanks.

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