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Shared lists are groups of symbols anyone can use in any filter on StockFetcher. Shared lists are created and maintained by the StockFetcher community; which differs from private watch lists.

You can use a StockFetcher shared list in a filter with the phrase:

apply to shared list(LIST NAME)

You can also use multiple lists within a filter, for example:

Fetcher[apply to shared list(IPO July 2011, IPO August 2011)]

More Lists, More Flexibility

Creating a shared list and allowing the StockFetcher community to edit the list means you can create custom lists that are more up-to-date and contain the specific stocks you are interested in.

We realize there are many ways to group and organize stocks. Unfortunately, our StockFetcher support team isn't always available to support and maintain all of these lists. Through shared lists, we hope to increase the number of stock listings and provide a fast, easy mechanism for keeping them current.

Shared lists will not replace watch lists. They are meant as a global method to access popular groupings of stocks.

What are some examples of a shared list?

* New IPO's
* Fund Holdings
* Upcoming Earnings
* Short ETF's
* Leveraged ETF's
* Personal Stock Picks

What can not be used in a shared list?

Any listing that is non-reproducable on a public platform without consent of the author. StockFetcher reserves the right to remove any list due to author request or for any potential copyright or personal property concerns.

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