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2/2/2018 2:12:24 AM

Is it just me or are the Markets looking for that long term correction that people talk about?

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2/2/2018 2:25:16 AM

I think price just needed to move closer to home, the moving average 20...through both consolidation and time...meaning some days are just neutral. I do think the bigger 5-10% crater will happen in the next month.

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2/2/2018 2:55:55 AM

Agreed PT on that.

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2/2/2018 1:44:30 PM

Well its wasn't like nobody didn't see this coming.

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2/2/2018 1:53:31 PM

Total sh7t show. XIV will be a screamin buy. you could have also looked at IWM on the charting wealth system to see this coming.

Appears to me the 38% retracement from 52 week high is where it might settle. just north of 114.

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2/2/2018 2:01:38 PM

Yes PT
Not much volume on major indices selloff. To me that says a chance to buy on pullback on xiv and a lot of up trending stocks.
Nothing really bad about this Bull market just a good little correction.


Have a good weekend everyone.

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2/2/2018 2:10:20 PM

Look dia,spy,ndaq,imw all are about average volume. No great crash and burn selloff. Just a chance buying opportunity coming soon.

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2/2/2018 3:43:50 PM

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2/2/2018 5:16:33 PM

per Eli Mintz,
$VIX is in backwardation today Feb 2, 2018
($VIX futures contango is negative and settles at -4.16%)
There is a tail wind for $VXX and $UVXY holders
The long term $VIX futures are the best guess of the market at what average volatility will be like going forward.
Market believes that going forward, $VIX will be lower than current spot $VIX of 17.31

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2/3/2018 10:41:59 AM

Fetcher[ apply to symlist(xiv)

draw ema(9)
draw ema(10)
draw ema(11)
draw ema(12)
draw ema(13)
draw ema(14)
draw ema(15)
draw ema(16)

draw ema(25)
draw ema(30)
draw ema(35)
draw ema(40)
draw ema(45)
draw ema(50)
add column Average Day Range(30)

Set{cntcmadma1abovecmadma8,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),1) > cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,1)}
draw cntcmadma1abovecmadma8

Set{cntcmadma1abovecmadma8b,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),1)< cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,1)}

draw cntcmadma1abovecmadma8b

/* AxA is number of consecutive days cma(DMA(8,-5),1) above (+)/below(-) previous cma(DMA(8,-5),8) */
set{AAb,days( cma(DMA(8,-5),1) is above cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,250)}
set{AAa,days( cma(DMA(8,-5),1) is below cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,250)}
set{dmax8, AAa - AAb} and add column dmax8 {dma_x_1over8}
do not Draw AxA

Set{cntcmadma8abovecmadma8,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),8) > cma(DMA(8,-5),8) 1day ago,1)}
draw cntcmadma8abovecmadma8

Set{cntcmadma8abovecmadma8b,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),8)< cma(DMA(8,-5),8) 1day ago,1)}

draw cntcmadma8abovecmadma8b

do not draw dma(8,-5),8)

set{E3,dma(8,-5),8)-cma(DMA(8,-5),8) }
set{Fastdma8Longposition, count(E3 > 0,1)}
set{Fastdma8Shortposition, count(E3 < 0,1)}
draw Fastdma8Longposition on plot
draw Fastdma8Shortposition on plot
draw cma(DMA(8,-5),1)
draw cma(DMA(8,-5),8)

/* 2040 is number of consecutive days EMA(20) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(40) */
set{2040b,days( ema(20) is above ema(40) ,250)}
set{2040a,days( ema(20) is below ema(40) ,250)}
set{20x40, 2040a - 2040b} and add column 20x40 {20_x_40}

Set{cntema2040,count( eMA(20) > eMA(40) ,1)}
draw cntema2040

Set{cntema2040b,count( eMA(20)< EMA(40) ,1)}

draw cntema2040b


To me this code could be applied to any filter from 13th_floor's deadly combo to TRO's Run Forrest Run to just a filter of S&P 500 stocks as a trigger. Using cma(DMA(8,-5),1) above (+)/below(-) previous cma(DMA(8,-5),8) as the trigger.
Just throwing this out there for people to study if they want.

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