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1/4/2023 7:43:01 AM

I really like stockfetcher and i am a paying user, but.... is this site active at all? under any development or improvement?

if not... why? it is a good website, and i didn't find any good alternative to it.
but somehow it looks kind of dead and inactive. examples:
1. The forums are not so active
2. bugs that arent being addressed.
3. here are 2 questions that i asked, with no responses:
4. the social media of this website is kind of dead. for example, the last youtube video is 9 years old....

Stockfetcher admins - did you abandoned the project?

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1/4/2023 11:37:41 AM

Depends on what you mean by "active"....yes there are still persons posting but not as frequently as in the past. Many have had their filter ideas either rejected due to inability to run on SF platform or fixed the way the want them and have no need to post as they just use SF for their own trading purposes.

I think many others use Trading View more and more as it does develop improvements and has a bit more robust scripting language.

Not dead just slumbering....
Ed S.

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1/4/2023 6:06:19 PM

SF does what I want it to do.

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1/4/2023 8:19:01 PM

When the market sells off,people lose money.That's why it's a ghost town on here....

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1/6/2023 4:16:28 AM

That's probably not why; as the General Discussion forum had 665 different topics posted in the bear market of 2008, and the 2022 bear market only had 121 different topics posted.

That's a decline of about 82% in just this one forum.

I just hope the decline in memberships isn't so much that SF can't keep their servers going in the future....due to lack of revenue.

Ed S.

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1/6/2023 10:53:50 AM

@Ed S
That's possible. Some people just don't make posts. And being a bear market I'm sure some have lost a few dollars here and there. Bear markets are hard at Bullish trades because they are very short term and trader will bail on a stock at a moments notice. Stops are very tight for me.

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1/6/2023 11:38:22 AM

I haven't posted in a while since I mainly use TradingView and I'm concentrating on learning to trade Futures.


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1/6/2023 11:48:05 AM

Roger that davesaint86.

When bear markets hit like this one were in . People just quit trading because Bullish trades in a bearish market disappear rather fast.
Today it seems markets are wanting to get the new year on right but you know how that goes. IMHO until inflation show more downward trends markets will be like they have from the start of 2022.

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1/6/2023 4:28:44 PM

rafting101 it's deader than a turkey on Thanksgiving afternoon

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1/6/2023 9:37:48 PM

I agree with Mac,long set ups in down markets just don't make any sense.There's no consistency whatsoever in the market right now.The clock is broken....

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