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1/31/2018 6:53:17 AM

hey pt saw your Obama comment, simply pull up a weekly chart of the s and p 500 to see how incompetent Obama was, draw a line from 2009 till 2017. see that pretty incline, when corporations have good earnings,
profits are good, money is moving , the incline points out a great economy. charts don't lie, fox , right wing radio, and the right does lie. let your charts think for you!

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1/31/2018 8:59:12 AM

Well, not trying to be mean, but since this is an investment website, you would have to lack intelligence to not see that Mr. Trump's stock market success is in relation to the time frame....37% aggregated over 14 months? An obvious stock market response to having a real American in office with America-first policies.

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1/31/2018 12:23:13 PM

Well a President is just a front man who has very little to do with policy.
Dems & Reps. are controlled by the same entity and merely take turns.
It’s like the Wwe wrestling association. They instruct Pelosi to look pissed off
to keep the charade going.
Markets are determined 20 years in advanced.

Now can we please get back to the Shills bashing.

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1/31/2018 1:56:23 PM

Who's OLD enuf to remember Sargeant Friday, "Just the facts, ma'am.."
Articles comparing Obama market to Trump market:
"Just the facts" ...

IMHO, you're comparing apples to oranges because the circumstances are so different.
Obama's stock market was a recovery after a huge crash, aided by the Fed's zero interest rates, preceded by billions $$ bailouts for banks (remember that?) and cash infusions overseas. (Remember??? How could U forget so soon. Seems like a nightmare I had just yesterday.)
Trump became President while we were already in a stock bubble. Trump said so himself 2 years ago, "we're in a bubble".
Now, we're in a bigger bubble, but for a different reason - - the economy IS improving and jobs are coming back.. THIS IS A REAL economic recovery.
Unlike Obama who was a globalist, Trump IS TRYING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (MAGA) by implementing populist fiscal polices that serve the best interests of Americans.
I voted for Obama 9 yrs ago, but started despising him when I realized he was NOT doing what was in the best interest of the American people, saying things like NAFTA "jobs are NEVER coming back". NEVER!!!
Trump has brought American jobs back to America and he's lowered business taxes to encourage businesses to come back. Wages and bonuses have gone up. Wages had gone down the toilet when Obama was President.
Obama telling Americans to stop complaining about illegal immigrants and learn spanish, did NOT help the economy, nor did it help the unemployed.
Blacks had the highest rate of UNemployment during the Obama administration. Now, blacks have the lowest unemployment rate since 1972.
Apples vs. oranges ... The circumstances are just totally different.
TIME will tell how this whole stock market thing plays out. We've got 3-7 more years to go.
In the meantime, enjoy the articles ... the "facts".

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1/31/2018 2:56:06 PM

Karen, while I agree with you, I think you are gonna make KLynn short circuit, lose her mind and rest uneasy on on suicide watch.

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2/1/2018 9:08:15 AM

yeah pt , trump, a real American with a Chinese suit, tie, and shirt, made in America my duppa!
walk the walk first ! as far as gains , look at the s and p chart, see the pretty Obama incline,
and Karen when you do a filter or scan is there a line for ifs, ands, and buts?

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2/1/2018 9:27:28 AM

"I've been reading stuff like this for years. Thus, the "Bear Market" threads I've been posting - futilely, for years, as the market continues to go up ..
I missed a lot of (bullish) opportunities worrying about this stuff."

a quote from Karen (2016) , Karen wrong again!

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2/1/2018 9:28:34 AM

pthomas and klynn,
Guys! Please stop!
Did you READ the links?
The FACTS are there.
I'm fully aware of what the market's done the last 10 years.
Just like the facts, the charts speak for themselves.
There's no point in arguing about history. It's just a waste of time.
Like Sargeant Friday used to say, "just the facts, ma'am".

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2/1/2018 9:31:26 AM

I'm not responding anymore for the same reason KEVIN left ...
This is becoming childish.
Clearly, facts & diplomacy don't work for some people.
Have a nice day.

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2/1/2018 9:45:10 AM

KLynn, no worries. I get it. a lot of people from other countries liked Obama. What country do you live in?

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