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12/16/2014 6:06:48 AM

You missed a "t" in the following statement

set{cnt10, cn9 + c11}

And you may want to add "cnt above 0.5" to filter out stocks that do not show a pattern.

close is above 2

set{c1,count(pattern is bullish harami,1)}
set{c2,count(pattern is bullish engulfing,1)}
set{c3,count(pattern is Bullish Separating Lines,1)}
set{c4,count(pattern is Bullish Harami Cross,1)}
set{c5,count(pattern is Bullish Morning Doji Star,1)}
set{c6,count(pattern is Bullish Abandoned Baby,1)}
set{c7,count(pattern is Bullish Kicking,1)}
set{c8,count(pattern is Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap,1)}
set{c9,count(pattern is Bullish Side-by-Side White Lines,1)}
set{c10,count(pattern is Bullish Three Line Strike,1)}
set{c11,count(pattern is Bullish Upside Gap Three Methods,1)}
set{c12,count(pattern is Bullish Three Inside Up,1)}
set{c13,count(pattern is Bullish Homing Pigeon,1)}
set{c14,count(pattern is Bullish Tri-Star,1)}
set{c15,count(pattern is Bullish Meeting Lines,1)}
set{c16,count(pattern is Bullish Unique Three Rivers,1)}
set{c17,count(pattern is Bullish Matching Low,1)}
set{c18,count(pattern is Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow,1)}
set{c19,count(pattern is Bullish Three White Soldiers,1)}
add column c1{bullish harami}
add column c2{bullish engulfing}
add column c3{Bullish Separating Lines}
add column c4{Bullish Harami Cross}
add column c5{Bullish Morning Doji Star}
add column c6{Bullish Abandoned Baby}
add column c7{Bullish Kicking}
add column c8{Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap}
add column c9{Bullish Side-by-Side White Lines}
add column c10{Bullish Three Line Strike}
add column c11{Bullish Upside Gap Three Methods}
add column c12{Bullish Three Inside Up}
add column c13{Bullish Homing Pigeon}
add column c14{Bullish Tri-Star}
add column c15{Bullish Meeting Lines}
add column c16{Bullish Unique Three Rivers}
add column c17{Bullish Matching Low}
add column c18{Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow}
add column c19{Bullish Three White Soldiers}
set{cnt1, c1 + c2}
set{cnt2, cnt1 + c3}
set{cnt3, cnt2 + c4}
set{cnt4, cnt3 + c5}
set{cnt5, cnt4 + c6}
set{cnt6, cnt5 + c7}
set{cnt7, cnt6 + c8}
set{cnt8, cnt7 + c9}
set{cnt9, cnt8 + c10}
set{cnt10, cnt9 + c11}
set{cnt11, cnt10 + c12}
set{cnt12, cnt11 + c13}
set{cnt13, cnt12 + c14}
set{cnt14, cnt13 + c15}
set{cnt15, cnt14 + c16}
set{cnt16, cnt15 + c17}
set{cnt17, cnt16 + c18}
set{cnt, cnt17 + c19}
add column cnt {PATTERN}
cnt above 0 do not draw cnt

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12/16/2014 9:28:01 AM

mahkoh, thanks so much. i was on my 15th hour of being on the machine yesterday and I couldn't see straight despite trying. Thanks again.

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12/16/2014 1:08:58 PM

You're welcome. I know what it's like to stare at a filter for hours knowing that I probably missed some bracket somewhere.

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