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General Discussion · Three-bar Play (3BP)
msg #156828
5/18/2021 8:04:32 PM

close 1 day ago is above day postition(.90) 1 days ago
set{var1, 2 * average day point range(10) 1 days ago}
day point range 1 days ago is above var1
high below high 1 day ago
close above Day Position(.85) 1 day ago
day point range below var1
price above 5
average volume(90) above 500000

Stock Picks and Trading · Discussions for Ed S nibor100 Exploring VE's Profitable Short-Sell Filter
msg #151002
2/29/2020 11:41:54 AM


No problem. Was just wondering what led you to explore the hard road while the easy road is so obvious.
I assume you do not have moral issues shorting these names. For the bulk of them the business model is robbing investors by dilution.

Stock Picks and Trading · Discussions for Ed S nibor100 Exploring VE's Profitable Short-Sell Filter
msg #150970
2/28/2020 5:59:53 AM

Isn't it a lot easier to act upon what has happened than trying to predict what will happen? IB usually has short available for multiday runners, Tradezero has them definitely.

Filter Exchange · help with code line
msg #150508
1/26/2020 8:31:35 AM

Use "crossed above 0.8" in the second snippet

Stock Picks and Trading · Village Elder Short -Sell Filter discussions
msg #150439
1/21/2020 2:46:30 PM

One thing I always incorporate in filters like these is:

"add column high 200 week high"

If this column shows a price in the thousands you're dealing with a compulsive reverse splitter. You can be much more confident that it will work out well.

General Discussion · IBs Scale Trader
msg #150113
1/4/2020 9:13:13 PM

IB PRO often fills me at a better price than I settled for, I don't assume they will do that with the free version as well.

General Discussion · faulty ROC filter returns?
msg #149228
9/24/2019 5:46:53 PM

I can't find any difference between your custom_roc and the out of the box ROC(250,1) ?

Filter Exchange · 5% pullback -LONG
msg #149225
9/24/2019 2:24:09 PM

Tradezero has its plusses. No platform fees if you use the webtrader, no commisions if you add liquidity and no PDT rule if you're not a US citizen.

Filter Exchange · 5% pullback -LONG
msg #149213
9/23/2019 4:34:53 PM

I know Tradezero usually charges somewhere around 2 percent locate fee. However if you hold overnight you pay that rate 7 x for the first night and 1 x for every following overnight hold. I don't know the structure for centerpoint but I assume it to be something similar. The question is how much will be left if you have to deduce 15% from every trade? You may be better off shorting the open or hope for a little opening bounce to sell into.

Filter Exchange · 5% pullback -LONG
msg #149207
9/22/2019 3:54:54 PM

Now that's more like the genuine KSK8 stuff.

Again usually 1 or 2 candidates, a portfolio of 2 returns 150% annually without compounding.
$50.000 becomes $462.000 from 1/1/2014 until 9/22/2019, when compounded $22.591.354.
Profitable 60% , biggest loss 100%. Only a few of the losses did not turn into profit if held for a few days/weeks.
Note that the strategy had difficult times from late 2014 till mid 2016 and the first half of 2018.

For fun the equity graph of a single portfolio compounded; don't put all eggs in one basket!

I took the liberty of adding that close must be above 0.1 and did not filter the fundamental part although I do think it can be done in Stratasearch.

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