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Stock Picks and Trading · "The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher"
msg #159797
11/18/2022 10:23:50 PM

What broker do you work with that allows you to short hard to borrow junk dogshit tickers like XELA, FRGT, and TBLT? That's what I'd like to know.

"11/17/2022 10:10:40 AM

Covered XELA at 0.25 for a 26.5% gain

Covered FRGT at 0.35 for a 7.90% gain

Covered TBLT at 2.39 for a 22.70% gain

Equity: $839,930
nobody does it better

Filter Exchange · LIL SHAWTY
msg #159694
10/17/2022 12:43:46 PM

SF won't let me edit my braggadocio.
It's actually 9 of 12.

Oh. Is it bragging time?
Because here are 9 of my 12 systems. Live. Completely automated. Real money.

Filter Exchange · LIL SHAWTY
msg #159693
10/17/2022 12:36:40 PM

Oh. Is it bragging time?
Because here are 8 of my 12 systems. Live. Completely automated. Real money.

Filter Exchange · The Writing’s on The Wall
msg #159548
9/4/2022 5:53:45 PM

That's saying:
1. you've seen every filter created by every user ever on Stockfetcher and
2. you're capable of assessing the quality of every single filter and
3. you did actually assess the quality of every single filter.

I'm sure you know how stupid that sounds.
Or somehow you don't?

Maybe that's the *actual* writing on the wall.

General Discussion · how to show highest profit% gained on chart since scan
msg #159362
7/29/2022 12:00:54 PM

This is basically something like maximum favorable excursion. It would use some highest-high or highest close over some period in SF world, just like Xarlor did.

General Discussion · THE KING HAS RETURNED
msg #159166
6/5/2022 8:55:20 PM

Kevin was one of the best things we had around here.

General Discussion · Can someone explain this volume spike ?
msg #158968
4/11/2022 11:59:10 AM

It's not enough to look at the total volume itself. You need to know whether the volume was primarily at bid or offer (or roughly split between the two) to know whether supply was getting soaked or not.

Filter Exchange · V2 & V1 - Value Zone
msg #158894
3/26/2022 10:22:59 PM

Thanks for this, Dave.
Question: what are your thoughts on a selection filter? When the filter returns a lot, one would need a limited number of candidates to trade...

General Discussion · Count times ticker was returned by filter
msg #158747
3/7/2022 6:42:46 PM

Ed, I got wrapped up in things recently. Just wanted to thank you for the replies.

General Discussion · Count times ticker was returned by filter
msg #158656
2/22/2022 4:49:31 PM


I wonder if this is correct.

set{var3, count(ext has crossed above 0 within the last 40 days,1)}
set{then, var3 * 1}
set{var4, count(pp > entrylow,1)}
set{andthen, var4 * 1}
set{true2, then * andthen}
set{truecount, count(true2 above 0, 100)}
add column truecount

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