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2/10/2005 11:18:53 AM

SF mngt...

Are you listening?
SF message boards need a review & remodeling.
Want proof?
The YHOO mssg. boards for your platform are significanlty more busy than yours.
(this would not be a problem IF your messg. board system was full of traffic)

Community is the glue of commerce (aka customer retention). Resourses spent here will return hard dollars.

Trader Joe
Internet Marketing Guru

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2/10/2005 8:46:36 PM

busier, Mr. Guru.

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2/11/2005 12:36:09 AM

Don't worry. If I feel the need to express myself again concerning filter creations I will. I just wanted to stir up some people here in sharing their ideas and discoveries with the rest of us.

Good luck to you all. This is a wonderful web site and I personally would hate to see it go away. Let's all give a nice round of applause in the direction of the SF staff. Their web site here makes it possible for us to make some nice cash and better our lives.


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2/20/2005 1:59:19 PM

wont be giving update?


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2/20/2005 11:25:27 PM

Rsarno, yes I did show an update. That was on 1/18/2005 thread. Check it out and as I stated in that thread, try it, tweek it, or just accept it as is. Report back to us and let us know how you felt about the screen.

If you have one for us to chew on, sure let us try it. Always fun to test each others filters out and give objective opinions on them.


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4/24/2005 12:37:51 AM

marine 2
Tried to backtest your filter, but couldn't get any picks from the start of this year, although there doesn't seem to be any syntax errors.
Now that Stockfetcher has the backtest function, more members would backtest other people's filters if they were "clickable". I think that people, me included, don't like to retype filters to backtest them.

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4/24/2005 12:57:02 AM

marine 2
Let's see if I can retype your filter so people might try it..
Fetcher[linear regression (10) slope reached a new 3 month low
and slow stochastic %D is below 25
and day change % is below 2.0
and day change % is above 0
and macd (12,26) is below -1
and draw cci (14)
and draw lower bollinger (14)
and draw MA (30) and draw MA (50)

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4/24/2005 1:11:56 AM

Well, your filter backtested pretty good, but there were only about 58 picks from the beginning of the year, and since there's no price range specified,(I assume it would be 0 to infinity ), people would have to try their favorite price range to see if it returns enough picks for them.

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4/24/2005 8:35:35 AM

Seems to me the first line of code...
Is the problem. If the linear regression line value matches the ranges value, then the filter returns like 600 stocks if that is your goal. FWIW

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4/24/2005 9:35:44 AM

Another example of a lazy society...
Copy / paste function is just as easy when someone does not make a filter clickable. And it's comments like those, that represent the mindset of too many in forums such as this. Everybody wants to be a millionaire...but few want to have to put any real effort in to achieve it. Don't fall into that "just hand it to me" mentality, as this is the reason many go mum on their discoveries. There is exhaustive man hours involved in filter creation. Can anyone with a clear mind really blame someone who after years of working at it, and then finally achieving his end point, not disclosing it right away? This is not looking for the cure for Cancer, it's the pursuit of capital. And to that...what does anyone really owe the "community" if they create a winning filter? They pay for the service just like everybody else, they sit and trial and error their way to reach their goals just like everybody else. So why should they immediately just give it away to strangers? I would think it would be shared with friends and family first, and once it had garnered enough capital for the creator, maybe then a heartfelt thanks to SF would warrant an unveiling of it. There is nothing wrong with this forum, but there is something wrong with society IMO. Asking for help and working on something as a group is what this is for. Any complaining about others not sharing is simply counter-productive. Hard effort can get anyone here what they desire. We are all presented the same exact set of tools at SF, but it's up to each individual artist to paint his or her own masterpiece.

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