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Filter Exchange · Can use some help with coding
msg #118207
2/17/2014 11:54:39 AM

Id like to code this so i can backtest it, would anyone help me out? Some of the simple indicators I have been able to code, but many I have problems with language

1. Current stock price is above both the 150-(30 week) and the 200 day-(40week) moving average lines.
2. The 150 day moving average is above the 200 day moving average.
3. The 200 day moving average is trending up for at least 1 month.
4. The 50day moving average is above both the 150dma and 200dma.
5. The stock price is trading above or approaching the 50DMA.
6. The stock price is at least 30% above it's 52 week low.
7. The current stock price is within 20% of it's 52 week high.

General Discussion · Doing something wrong (i think)
msg #118004
2/3/2014 12:16:59 AM

I've tried so many filters, combinations, indicators. I manually run the filter and click back day after day and see positive results, but when i run backrest i do not see a value growth.

Acct value start: $50,000
Trades taken per day: (have tried 1-25)
Max results from filter (have tried 5-25)

I figured for an automated scan like this im best with a profit-stop, i have tried everything from 3%-20% and dont see my acct value grow

Have also toyed with stop loss, trailing stops, etc.

Filter doesnt matter i dont think, have tried literally 20 or 30 .. my own, and popular ones off here. I definitely have settings wrong for backtesting.


General Discussion · Help setting up Chart view
msg #117999
2/2/2014 8:37:36 PM

Still trying to figure this system out in my spare time, im anxious to get it running. Right now im toying with a few filters, then running to Stockcharts to view them in a proper chart, which i know is unnecessary.

Im guessing besides all of my criteria and filter code, i can also dictate what i want the chart to look like, correct? Or do i do this somewhere else in settings somewhere?

I would like to see every chart with the following:
6mo chart
MA(20), MA(50), MA(200)
Bollinger Band overlay
Macd 6,13,5

If possible, can i also mimic the "price labels" function on Stockcharts? Such as a price bubble on new highs or lows. I use them to identify R/S easier, or is there another snippet to mark those within SF charts?

Thank you, hoping someone can help me get my charts set up.

General Discussion · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #117935
1/28/2014 1:25:34 PM

Still holding BONE? How do you like it going forward from here?

General Discussion · Fundamenally sound "come backs"
msg #117802
1/18/2014 10:25:10 PM

I've let so many slip through my fingers, i wonder if there is a way to filter for these types of plays?

A company which significantly drops, for whatever reason, yet many fundamentals remain which could imply serious chance of a come back.

A few examples that come to mind are LVS, SIRI, PLUG

General Discussion · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #117791
1/17/2014 2:40:39 PM

sorry, KGET

General Discussion · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #117789
1/17/2014 10:52:06 AM

Strati ... funny, i was surfing around StockTwits and saw a guy post this. I wonder if its the same guy lol

You guys playing anything today? I took a severe risk and played FGET (i dont normally play pennies, but was too tempting)

Risk payed off, made $7k in 11min before it tanked hard. At one point was up to like $18k gained, but when i began stepping out and i saw the order wasnt filling i knew the drop was coming, i unloaded at market. Thank goodness i did.

General Discussion · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #117778
1/16/2014 9:27:53 AM

Thank you :)

General Discussion · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #117775
1/16/2014 2:38:20 AM

Mind i ask you to review one for me?

Im in PAL at .91 i believe. It is way down. Wondering if i hang on for a while, or cut my loses at -33%

thanks man! Appreciate any feedback.

General Discussion · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #117765
1/15/2014 5:14:24 PM

FREE running like a raped ape .... great catch.

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