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5/23/2003 3:59:14 PM

Due to recent discussions on the forums, we decided to release an early (beta) version of a chart color customization page. While this is by no means polished, we thought it would provide immediate benefit for a number of StockFetcher members.

In the final version we will offer a number of prebuilt chart color schemes - so if you have a favorite color configuration - send it our way ( !

Since this is a beta, you'll only be able to access the page through the following link:

Send us your feedback!

Best regards! Support

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5/23/2003 7:03:24 PM

SF, your beta feature to add chart color customization is terrific! I vote for this for immediate implementation. Now I will be able to spend all of my time playing with all of these colors and not have to worry about picking stocks!

Keep up the great job. Joe

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5/24/2003 1:37:38 AM

The custom chart colors option is great! I think the best way to have custom color applied would be to allow us to go to a page, like you have now, create our custom color code and then save the code as a "CHAIN" item / filter. We could then apply / add the "Color Chain" to any individual filter and we could make a different "Color Chain" for different filters if desired. I hope this approach doesn't open a pandoras box!

There is one other Custom Color feature you should add to make the charts even more useful. Please add a "Condition" / Filter specific over-ride! This would allow users to immediately see where / when "on the price chart" the filter was PREVIOUSLY applicable in a manner similar to the green triangles on the historical charts. This would be an easy and quick way to identify the EXACT BAR / Candle where / when the "Condition" / Filter occurred.

For example: If I specified the regular / normal "Candle Gain Border" as #009900 and the "Candle Loss Border" as #c00e0e then I could specify a "Condition" / Filter specific over-ride for "Candle Gain Border" as #000000 and the "Candle Loss Border" as #000000. This would make the applicable bar / candle highly visible and provide a good past reference point on the chart from which to make an analysis. You might even want to offer the "OVER-RIDE" feature on the Volume Bars.

I think adding the "Over-Ride" feature would also give SF Charts a unique advantage over other online charting alternatives and set a new standard for others to follow.

Thanks for your consideration.


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5/26/2003 1:41:06 AM

What a great improvement. You guys are basically the only site I know of that listens to its customers.

The number ONE rule in any business is...take care of your customers and they will take care of the business.

Thanks again.

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5/27/2003 8:06:43 PM

Amen! I LOVE the color-coding! U guys are awesome!

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10/4/2003 6:55:46 PM

Cool feature. :)

Possible suggestion: chart settings - click here

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10/4/2003 6:57:28 PM

Oops.... would an admin put a return in that huge link??

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10/10/2003 5:18:14 PM

give me the old parameters please.

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10/12/2003 12:08:57 AM

oh my god. i've screwed up my screen.
i clicked possible setting by jimhsu and ruined by screen!
how do i get it back to where it was. YUCK!!
help please!!! I didn't click reset or update or anything.
was just browsing!

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10/12/2003 12:10:27 AM

oh jeez. get me out of this black background.

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