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7/15/2017 10:42:19 PM

ABWN doesn't come up of SF-
Looked at it on another charting software- Its in a consolidation mode- Who knows how long it may stay in that mode. . IMHO draw some resistance and some support lines and keep a eye in it

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11/13/2023 12:47:24 PM

Here is a Guppy chart that I have attempted to create the upper outer Ema's in green lines and the lower Ema's are dotted in red until the start upward. It is a bit less confusing for me than having all of the multicolor lines. You will probably want to change the crossover to your preferences.

Fetcher[show stocks where
ema(15) crossed above ema(60)
and ema(15) above ema(60)
and Williams %R(20) above -50
and PPO(8,24) above 0
and IFT(5,9) above -0.5
and average volume(100) above 200000
and close between 0 and 30
add column average volume(50)
and draw Aroon UP(10) line at 75
and draw PPO(8,24) line at 0
and draw Williams %R(20) line at -50

do not draw ma(32)
do not draw ma(50)

set{vema3, ema(3)}
add column vema3
draw vema3 on plot price
plottype{ vema3, dot}
draw priceline at vema3

do not draw ema( 5)
set{vema5, ema(5)}
add column vema5
draw vema5 on plot price
plottype{ vema5, dot}
draw priceline at vema5

set{vema8, ema(8)}
add column vema8
draw vema8 on plot price
plottype{ vema8, dot}
draw priceline at vema8

set{vema10, ema(10)}
add column vema10
draw vema10 on plot price
plottype{ vema10, dot}
draw priceline at vema10

set{vema12, ema(12)}
add column vema12
draw vema12 on plot price
plottype{ vema12, dot}
draw priceline at vema12

draw ema(30) /* position here sets line color to green*/

do not draw ema(15)
set{vema15, ema(15)}
add column vema15
draw vema15 on plot price
plottype{ vema15, dot}
draw priceline at vema15

do not draw ema(35)
do not draw ema(45)
do not draw ema(50)
do not draw bollinger(32,1)
do not draw bollinger(32,2)
do not draw linear regression(6,.7)
do not draw linear regression(100,.7)

market is not etf
market is not fund


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11/13/2023 11:07:29 PM

Nice use of using "dot" for plotting on the price chart.

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