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10/7/2021 1:22:31 PM

As if COVID is a thing of the past.


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10/12/2021 10:13:26 AM

10/12/21 Ticker:



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10/12/2021 12:33:36 PM

Alternative selections:










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10/12/2021 12:44:54 PM
styliten 10/12/2021 12:33:36 PM


I'm not trading the above, just trying to see if I can glean value from the charts above.
Are your charts suggesting that NXE and LVS are more clear to take off than the others
because there are fewer lines above head? What is their advantage over Guppies?


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10/12/2021 1:14:49 PM

@ Cheese,

Each of these is as likely to have a quick rebound in the next 10~15 trading days.

I created LVS on the fly this morning, and the next 4 charts are slightly refined. So is CX:


As you can see, prices dipped down in September, so that the LRI(8) [RED lines] quickly followed price moves. The 3 fine lines hovered just above the red lines [green, purple and orange] are trigger lines for LRI(8). So with 2 days in a row, the price is testing the trigger line today.

Way above the trigger line of 6.85 are 3 bluish and greenish bands, around $8.

You can view these as the support/resistance lines, which are some sort of moving averages from 20 and 30 days ago (blue bands) and the averages of the moving averages of 20 & 30 days ago (greenish bands in between the blue bands). So the gap between $8 and the current $6.82 is the potential for gain. Is the price really trying to recover the loss? Take the educated guess/calculated risks. Because the moving averages from 20 and 30 days ago are already known historic values (meaning not subject to change any more), they provide a meaning benchmark for price moves. The fact these historic moving average strands are mingled together as of right now suggests that in the last 20 ~ 30 days, the price volatility has been low, or prices had been stable during that time frame, which can be easily checked on the chart. But if you traced these historical averages further back in time, you can see between approximately May 20th and end of June, these strands were far apart--because between 4/14 and 5/10 price shot up considerably and these historical volatility showed faithfully 20 and 30 days later.

cf. COST over a longer horizon to see how historic moving averages from 20 & 30 days ago served as support and resistance lines:


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10/12/2021 2:31:46 PM
styliten modified 10/12/2021 1:14:49 PM

THANK YOU, sty, for your charts and explanations. I will re-read to get more benefits.
I've been using your price relative candleglance to get more out of your new creations.

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10/13/2021 10:59:42 AM

10/13/21 Ticker:



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