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3/16/2019 12:45:36 PM

/*Look for ballon between 65 and 75 at start of run based on SPY QQQ DIA cross of ma13 and RS above 89*/
s&p 500
set{RSRaw, Close/Ind(^SPX,Close)}
set{RSHigh250, RSRaw 250 day high}
set{RSLow250, RSRaw 250 day low}
set{RSRange250, RSHigh250 - RSLow250}
set{RSValue250, RSRaw - RSLow250}
set{RS250, RSValue250 / RSRange250}
set{RSHigh60, RSRaw 60 day high}
set{RSLow60, RSRaw 60 day low}
set{RSRange60, RSHigh60 - RSLow60}
set{RSValue60, RSRaw - RSLow60}
set{RS60, RSValue60 / RSRange60}
set{RSAverage, RS60 + RS250}
set{RS, RSAverage/2}

/* PRICE POSITION Display */

/* enter your Upper Limit criteria */
set{UpperLim , High 52 week High}

/* enter your Lower Limit criteria */
set{LowerLim , Low 52 week Low}

set{ Dynamic_Range , UpperLim - LowerLim }
set{PPDiff, CLOSE minus LowerLim}
set{PPDiv, PPDiff / Dynamic_Range}
set{BallOn, PPDiv * 100}

set{8cross, count(close crossed above ma(8),1)}

draw RS
add column rs
add column BallOn
add column 8cross
add column UpperLim
add column LowerLim

draw ma(13)
draw ma(5)
draw rsi(2) line at 20

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Ignore snappyfrog
3/17/2019 9:50:31 AM

SAFeTRADE, how does RS (RSAverage/2) play into your decision making? Nice filter BTW.

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3/17/2019 10:49:49 AM

The 2 main parts of this filter belong to LadyRed and TRO. I just threw them to together to see
how they would work together. I do not trade this filter as TRO used to say I am thinking out loud.


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