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EMA 50,100,20005618388223/13/2010 6:40:28 PM
out of range05618388212/13/2010 7:02:42 PM
Muddy Combinedmurknd12/9/2010 12:56:17 PM
Demarker(7) and RSI(5)SurfnDestiny42/9/2010 1:21:56 AM
candle over MA's05618388241/28/2010 1:29:08 PM
THREE TIMES WILDER: RSI, ADX AND SAR COMBINEDMactheriverrat21/27/2010 10:37:15 AM
Logical Filtersclimber-man011/5/2009 11:02:10 PM
The Rumpled Onestockfetcher01010/31/2009 3:59:11 PM
Pull back to 25 or 50 or 100 MApcinx19/10/2009 3:07:59 PM
Trying to build a reversal filtermightybobo118/7/2009 6:13:08 PM
Simple DMI filter with good results77001930007/24/2009 4:26:44 PM
DMI filter with good results77001930007/24/2009 4:20:35 PM
True Highguyonn05/4/2009 9:26:23 AM
PROFIT FAST !! Hey!! If you think this scan won't make mo...traderr@bellsouth.net31/11/2009 10:54:28 PM
Delay of StockFetchershmuel1501/4/2009 4:04:24 AM
tweezer bottom filterlefty2469212/4/2008 6:31:13 AM
Bullish EngulfingStockFetcher17/17/2008 8:01:41 PM
likeminocqua203/15/2008 1:27:17 PM
Camarilla Pivot Pointsnikoschopen32/14/2008 6:35:00 PM
Flags?jeff4402/12/2008 5:42:48 PM
Bull Pull Backs for Stock Fetchergailgodown01/31/2008 7:00:41 PM
Short Sells & Putsgailgodown01/31/2008 6:49:36 PM
Pincerbooger01/8/2008 12:04:06 AM
5% within 30 day SMApjd132801/7/2008 12:23:06 PM
TSXsimonzwguo8801/4/2008 9:38:49 PM
PROFIT FAST !! Hey!! If you think this scan won't make mo...traderr@bellsouth.net012/24/2007 8:58:29 PM
Pullback - Long Swingmoqual012/13/2007 10:40:18 PM
club1kenconksf011/27/2007 8:58:30 PM
Bullish Crossover Filtermijonathan010/29/2007 1:48:30 PM
INCREASING FRIEND'S will carry your symbol's with a higher l...traderr@bellsouth.net010/22/2007 2:18:48 AM
sambosrt520010/10/2007 7:05:07 PM
Groenke Take Action Indicatorrharmelink09/12/2007 5:01:58 PM
No! Panic! It's just been a quick overload leaf springe acti...traderr@bellsouth.net08/26/2007 11:49:29 PM
No! Panic! It's just been quick overload leaf springe action...traderr@bellsouth.net08/26/2007 11:34:53 PM
flat horizontal channeludisgv726/26/2007 11:46:08 PM
Recent strength with volumejudysamfetcher05/17/2007 1:49:56 PM
50 cross below 200flkane05/5/2007 11:08:07 AM
Money Flow RSI: Not Ure Average Six-Pack Joe RSInikoschopen54/2/2007 12:38:42 AM
macd bullishjohnpaulca03/30/2007 11:22:55 AM
50%+ RetraceRailwhore03/14/2007 12:05:38 AM
MicrocapsRailwhore03/14/2007 12:03:02 AM
ma's crossed within last weekweikert84303/4/2007 11:02:33 AM
Three Black Crows plusstockqi02/4/2007 11:02:38 AM
dmmajcperson9902/3/2007 10:18:39 PM
Double-bottomStockFetcher22/3/2007 12:25:54 PM
tsinbadq801/23/2007 12:15:44 AM
bumped 5 to 45 RSItraderr@bellsouth.net112/18/2006 2:56:49 PM
CASHFLO75sfsyer3012/7/2006 4:28:44 PM
Find a Ruby! on a Tuesday Scan! use this to stay in sync. wi...traderr@bellsouth.net111/26/2006 6:59:48 AM
hhhabu yousef011/13/2006 5:54:56 AM
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