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3/7/2024 5:49:02 PM

I'm an unabashed newbie just getting started here...

I'm trying to create a simple filter that does this:

Open 10% higher than yesterday's Close
price is between 5 and 20
has 5x relative volume
float (shares available) of under 10M

This is what I have so far but it's obviously lacking:

show stocks where price is between 5 and 20
and open is more than 10% above close 1 day ago

How does one find Relative Volume and Float?

Also, is VWAP supported in StockFetcher.

Thanks in advance!

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3/7/2024 6:05:15 PM

Fetcher[show stocks where open is more than 10% above close 1 day ago
and volume is more than 100% above average volume(30) 1 day ago
and draw MA(50)
and draw MA(200)
and avg Average Volume(30) is above 2000000 price is between 5 and 20

Start here with one of my filters.Not sure if float stats are listed here.You can try shares outstanding.Best,Miketranz....

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3/8/2024 10:13:42 AM

Thanks! So much to learn but getting there. ;)

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3/8/2024 1:06:05 PM

Just to add. Listed below is the fundamental data on SF. However, as stated, these are not historical.

VWAP is not supported.

Relative volume can be calculated as todays volume / some average volume of your choice i.e.

Volume / volume(21) > 1.25 or some other value you choose.

Fundamental Data on StockFetcher

Below is a full listing of the fundamental measures currently supported on StockFetcher. Please note that historical fundamental values are currently not supported on Stock
Fetcher[Shares Outstanding]

/ [Market Cap] / [PE Ratio] / [BETA] / [Percent Institutional] / [ROE] / [EPS (Current Quarter)] / [EPS (Previous Quarter)] / [EPS (ttm)] / [Fiscal Month End] / [Percent Insiders]

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3/8/2024 8:03:31 PM

Nothing for today (03/08/24, but go back a few days for some results. Most companies in this range have no data in SF for shares outstanding, but a few do.

/* Open 10% higher than yesterday's Close */
close-to-open gap > 10

/* price is between 5 and 20 */
close between 5 and 20

/* has 5x relative volume */
set{5xv,average volume(30) 1 day ago * 5}
average volume(30) > 5xv

/* float (shares available) of under 10M */
/* No float available on SF. Best we can do is shares outstanding which is all shares owned by public, institutional investors, and insiders. */
shares outstanding < 10

/* Data display */
add column separator
add column 5xv {Average volume(30) 1 day ago}
add column shares outstanding {Shares Outstanding}
add column separator

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