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9/18/2008 1:46:43 PM

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Originally Posted by daedalus
I say give 'em a week to cool off and let them come back. They were here helping a lot of traders. Maybe if they could just agree to be civil and stay out of each others threads a nice peace could be formed and we could all go back to learning and sharing info in a constructive manner.

Regardless, I respect your initial decisions to ban because it was getting out of hand! Something had to be done.

Thanks for your continued efforts to further this community Admins!

Sorry Daedalus, I really wanted to keep quiet but there are things the forex public here does not know.

The matter of dispute between me and Rumple is one I could handle and tried to do so with a sense of humour.

The Babypips staff are covering themselves legally and are not letting on what really happened.

No one besides me, my closest friends and the Babypips staff know what really happened.
I am not going to tell you unless the Babypips staff should reveal it.

But I can tell you it was very severe and warrants investigation by the FBI.

Evidence is being collated at this time and hence we are being very silent.

The Babypips staff acted very correctly and protected a number of posters on this forum by their prompt actions.
He should never be allowed back here again.

Please trust me when I say that the Babpips staff decision to ban Rumple is a very wise one.

At this time I just ask you to believe me when I tell you that there is much more to this event than anyone on this forum knows.



You must be referring to the PM where I said something like, "If you don't stop then the gloves will come off".

What I meant was that you were personally attacking me by calling me names and saying other insulting things but I wasn't doing that to you.

But if you continued, then I was going to respond in kind.

If you see that as a "veiled death threat" then you must be delusional and/or paranoid.

You are in Australia and I am in the USA. I have no intention of coming to Australia to deal with you.

This is so absurd.

The FBI will laugh in your face.

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9/18/2008 2:33:35 PM

Tom, why is what happened at BABYPIPS allowed to over flow to this forum. All of this constant bickering
is getting to be all this forum is about.

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9/18/2008 3:39:02 PM

You don't have to read this thread if you don't like the content.

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9/18/2008 3:39:29 PM

Like I said before, to each his own. However, this site is a business and is to be treated as such. We made a decision to ban TRO. That was our choice.
Read the forum rules. Personal attacks aren't tolerated!
Even if he didn't throw the first punch, his rugged past is catching up with him.
As far as who threw the first punch, I still have yet to obtain proof that TRO didn't attack first.
Until then, BabyPips is sticking with its decision. That is the ultimate finality.


What proof do you have that I threw the first punch?


Tymen's attack on me in my thread was posted.

My first post in Tymen's thread was the PDF I made of his method to make it easy to read and Tymen thanked me.

Then Tymen wandered over to the NEVER LOSE AGAIN THREAD and started down talking my method.


And Tymen continued.

I asked Tymen in a PM to cease and desist.

Tymen continued.

So I gave him a taste of his own medicine by copying/pasting what he about said my method on Tymen's thread about his method. The shoe fits!!

Turnabout is FAIR PLAY.

Tymen retaliated by calling me names and insulting me.

Meanwhile, people are posting their profitable results on my thread.

Tymen didn't read those because he continued to degrade me and my methods.

Obviously, Tymen's reputation and ego were at stake now because someone else has a profitable method.

There's the proof.

All posts are date/time stamped.

Just open your eyes and SEE what really happened.

Since Tymen threw the first punch, will he be banned?

Will I be reinstated?

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9/18/2008 3:41:54 PM

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The BUY ZONE is the ONLY trade I need.

I don't care what I COULD HAVE MADE...

That's not my "edge".

The Buy Zone is my edge.

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9/18/2008 3:43:56 PM

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Doesn't this seem a bit REPETITIVE?


Do you SEE how to trade?

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9/18/2008 4:40:23 PM

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See the JUICE?

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9/18/2008 4:41:36 PM

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What a nice run.

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9/18/2008 7:21:57 PM

So now you are banning me from Your thread. What started out as an interesting read has digressed
into garbage.

I would say anyone who gets banned from several sites has probably brought on himself. All seven
sites can't be wrong. Me thinks you are fighting windmills. :>)

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9/18/2008 8:03:31 PM

So the "gap" is the differance between the close and the open?
If so, so you short if it opens above the previous close and if it opens below the previous close then go long?

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