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5/11/2005 5:50:51 PM

Way2Late: Another great book is "Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom", by Van K. Tharp.

This RSI(2) filter is interesting, and there are ways to improve your odds to trade it in the real world:

1. Wait 30 minutes after the open, then set a buy stop to trigger when it hits a fresh high for the day.
2. If you want to buy near the close, don't buy if it is closing below the open price.
3. If you have a system that sells on the third day, 30 minutes into the open set a stop 3% below yesterday's low, and if it is not triggered, sell 5 minutes before the close.

Also, for those who want to trade stocks priced below 20 cents, set a buy-at-the-bid, then when it's filled, immediately set a sell-at-the-ask (playing the spread).

Personally, I'm done trading on such a short time frame. You can make a lot of money by buying small caps at a DMI crossover, then selling 2 weeks later. The secret is to buy each and every signal, set stop-losses, and let the winners run.

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5/12/2005 6:23:04 AM

Try this:

Test Code (Run to Backtest) -->

Show stocks where RSI(2)is less than 1 two days ago
close is between 0.2 and 100
and close 1 day ago more than 10% below close 2 day ago
and close more then 10% below close 1 day ago
and price * volume > 100000

Results of TestCode:

05/11/2005 04/30/2004 05/11/2005 63% 35% 1.79:1 4.11 1069.59%
168 Trades, so 3 a week, good!

Basic Setup
Name: RSI low Price Stocks
Approach Type: Long
Start Date: 04/30/2004
End Date: 05/11/2005
Benchmark Symbol: ^SPX

Exit Setup
Stop Loss: 25%
Profit Stop: N/A
Trailing Stop Loss: N/A
Minimum Holding Days: 3
Maximum holding days: 3

Extra Indicators
Entry Columns:
Show Performance After: after 2 days
after 5 days
after 10 days
after 25 days
after 40 days

Advanced Options
Selection Method: select by volume descending
Entry Price: open
Conditional Entry: No
Exit Price: open
Maximum Trades Per Day: 25
Maximum Open Positions: 250


Trade Code --> (Run to trade!)

Show stocks where RSI(2)is less than 1 one day ago
close is between 0.2 and 100
and close more then 10% below close 1 day ago
and price * volume > 100000


Run the Trade Code, look at all stocks, buy the stock that
lost more then 10% at the close, if there is more then one stock, buy the one
that lost the most or split your money, Your fill will be not perfect, but good enough. Stop Loss 25%, Hold for 3 Days. I only take 5% of my money and never more then 5 Stocks (so never more then 25% of my capital, rest in money market).

The only thing that is different from backtesting in the real world is, that the stock might gap down against you, but it does gap up more ofthen then it gaps down!

See you


P.S. I am trading this! Got ENC at 4.04 (had a limit order at 3.81, it did not get filled).


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5/12/2005 12:35:42 PM

Got the same hit ENC last night on a new filter just written that also included ARDI FWHT STAK & CRV for a total of (5) returned. Backtesting YTD reveals 60% completion of trades @ a 12% exit stop. Cheapest stock returned was PCIS @ .96. I use a PE range to limit junk and most pinkies etc. Only want listed oversold. May need to up the stop limit exit as many are filling the high spread I seeked as a cushion. Work in progress. Later.

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5/12/2005 9:45:12 PM

I have high regards for the fellow users who initiated this discussion
based on my own personal experience, I would be very, very careful (read .. not interested) in making investments in penny stocks - too much manipulaton there, or rather, only manipulation (the system is stacked against individual investor)

Again, just my personal opinion


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5/12/2005 10:08:29 PM

"shelupinin 5/10/2005 2:04:14 AM

I've just tested filter
Fetcher[rsi(2)<1 and price is below 1 and average volume(10) is above 2000000]

without any stop loss and profit loss, just holding time = 2 days. With such conditions ROI=2054.7%, 69% - winners, 18% - loosers. So anyway it's GREAT filter!!! "



Try this instead...

Fetcher[rsi(2) BELOW 1 and price is below 1 and average volume(10) is above 2000000]


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