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9/20/2021 5:38:38 PM

Week 3

Total Buys 22
Wins 16
Unsold : 6

Profit Only 80.93
Loss Only
Total Gain : 298.71 [ Since Start]
Total Loss : 32.85 [Since Start]

Week 1 unsold : 1
Week 2 unsold : 5
Week 3 unsold : 6

The third week was not very good. I was able to plug in my 2% exit values by 9:40 am but since the news has been so bad last week, many of the unsold are at 20% unrealized loss now. Also a couple of stocks had some weird actions. One changed ticker value and promptly dropped 40%. another was was acquired and so is about 20% down as well.

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9/20/2021 5:42:55 PM


A few questions if you don't mind.

1.. For week1 of your testing you indicated you had invested about $5K

a. Are you investing nearly the same amount in each position in a given week?
b. Are you increasing the total amount you have to invest with the gains you've accrued?
c. Is the total amount available for a given week's trades reduced due to the positions you held over?

2. For the 2 positions you held over from week 1, how did they turn out?

3. Did you run a Week 3 of tests last week?

Ed S.

-I pick the first 20-25 sunday night and average around 200-250 between each.
-My plan is to reinvest the gains, but as of week 3, if I add my unrealized gains, I am prolly net loss of about 100-200 bucks.
-No I am not reducing the positions, I am going with about 20+ each week

2. I am still holding the stocks from week 1, am going to hold for a few more weeks to see what happens

3. yes, I was out last night and forgot to update the thread. My last post reflects the week 3 results

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9/20/2021 8:28:05 PM

THANK YOU, redversa721 for continuing to share your crock pot trading experience.
I'm sure it will be helpful to many crock pot newbies like myself.

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9/25/2021 3:03:28 AM

Week 4
Total Buys 21
Wins 20
Unsold : 1

weekly p&l
Profit Only 91.92
Loss Only:

Total Gain : 429.47 [ Since Start]
Total Loss : -92.6 [Since Start]
Net : 336.87 [ Since Start]

Week 1 unsold : 0
Week 2 unsold : 5
Week 3 unsold : 5
Week 4 unsold : 1

Total realized Loss for first week is about -87 dollars. realized gain is 112, so net gain/loss is around 25 dollars on a 5K investment.

Week 4 unrealized loss is around 2 % but am hurting on week 2 and week 3 unrealized losses. Most of them [unsold] are still around 20% loss for now.

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9/25/2021 12:10:29 PM


THANK YOU VERY MUCH again for continuing to share your crock pot trading experience.
Your posts and crock pot warnings by VenturaTrader and a few others are very useful !

The devil is in the details, and there are so many details. I am still learning, very slowly
and very carefully. I thought TRO said to exit at the end of the week (but I am not sure,
and I don't have the link.)

You seem like a very kind person and a smart trader so I hope you will come out ahead.


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9/25/2021 1:05:01 PM

ron22 8/29/2021 10:13:34 PM
I understand that WAIT FOR GREEN means at open wait for the price to get and stay above previous day's close. Sometimes the price gaps up and then goes down before it reaches a 2% target.
One question:
Do you think it would be beneficial on gaps up to: A) wait for 20 cent gain, B) wait for 1/2% gain, C) wait to hold GREEN for 10 minutes, or D) wait for price to be above previous day's high before entering a trade?
I would appreciate any feedback . Thank you. Ron


Sorry for the late reply. Somehow I missed seeing your post earlier.

I am still learning and overwhelmed with the amount of crock pot posts and threads.
Plus, TRO and others often referred to his stat scans, MTC, and RFR when discussing crock pot,
so I also tried to read those and benefit from reading the stuff in continuum.

You may want to do a search on WAIT FOR GREEN in StockFetcher. There are many nuances.
For example, WAIT FOR GREEN could mean wait for markets open up, your stocks open up
and likely up, and/or smart money is ready to buy (there are thread and posts by TRO.)

For crock pot, somebody suggested that aiming for 1% a week or 0.2% a day may be better
for learners, so that's what I've tried to do.

I also follow a few conventional investing and trading wisdom. I always assume that my decisions
are wrong or will be wrong. I only buy things that I am willing to hold if my decision is wrong and
I cannot sell right away. Otherwise, the early loss is usually the smaller loss. Read some of the
Guppy trades posted by Mactheriverrat and see how quickly Mac cut his losses.

In the case of crock pot trading, there were some suggestions for (mental) stop losses.
It seems like for learners, aim for 1% gain weekly and cut loss at 2%.
I think in the original crock pot, TRO suggested exit as soon as the weekly 1% target was achieved
or exit at the end of the week at the latest. TRO kept repeating this advice: Don't be greedy.

I think TRO also suggested to exit when our set stop loss was hit.

Ron, the above is just my own foible. You are actually a better researched and more accomplished
trader, so don't buy my two cents' worth.


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9/25/2021 1:07:11 PM

Thanks Cheese. I want to stick with this for a year and see where this ends up. Also thank you for the continuous encouragement.

with regard to exit, I am sticking with what oldsmar52 said in his last few posts where he let the stocks just leave them as unsold.

In my case, my week 1 unsold, was down about 30-40% and I put in a exit at around 15% loss, so that happened this friday. [My calculation is that 20 stocks at 2% gain and 1 stock at 15% loss is still a net gain.

Week 2, was my mistake as I woke up late and forgot to enter the exits.

Week 3, the market was f'ed up, even though i was quick about entering the exits, 2 of the unsold stocks are concerning as they are down more than 30--40%. As i mentioned before, there was one stock that changed ticker names and another that got bought out and then dropped 40%.

Week 4 has been good. 50% of stocks were exited by noon monday and by thursday I was out of 20

Pain points:
The biggest pain point is that on market open, I have to find the entry values for the 20 plus stocks and then plug it into excel and then enter the exit numbers. This takes about 20 mins. if this process works, down the line, this is something I would invest or learn to automate.

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9/25/2021 1:13:05 PM
Mactheriverrat modified 8/29/2021 11:12:26 PM

When I see posts about different filters from TRO to 13th_floors and many others. I try and find different entry.

I came with this add on (one of many like Guppy, or Alligator system or others) of using EMA(13) and the Elder Impluse system. It can really be used with free version with the Elder Impluse as candle use.

Draw ema(13)
/* 1313 is number of consecutive days EMA(13) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(13) */
set{1313b,days( ema(13) is above ema(13) one day ago ,250)}
set{1313a,days( ema(13) is below ema(13) one day ago,250)}
set{13x13, 1313a - 1313b} and add column 13x13 {13_x_13}

Set{cntema13aboveema13,count( eMA(13) > eMA(13) 1day ago,1)}
draw cntema13aboveema13

Set{cntema13aboveema13b,count( eMA(13)< EMA(13) 1day ago,1)}

draw cntema13aboveema13b
draw MACD Fast Line(10,24,8)

do not draw macd Histogram(10,24,8) set{var1, macd Histogram(10,24,8)}
draw var1 Legend{var1, macd Histogram(10,24,8)} PlotType{var1,zerobar}

Mactheriverrat .

Sorry for the late reply. Somehow I missed reading your post earlier.

Thank you for your code and suggestion.
EMA(13) and Elder Impulse System are all great gifts from Dr Elder.

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9/25/2021 1:22:43 PM
redversa721 9/25/2021 1:07:11 PM


THANK YOU for the details ! They are very helpful for my learning.

After reading so many threads and posts, my crock pot learning and trading becomes
more of a fusion than an authentic crock pot. I blended in some of TRO suggestions or systems
from earlier year: fade the gap, aim for 10 cents below open.

That's just my silly thing. PLEASE, don't spend your hard earned money on my two cents' worth.

THANKS AGAIN, redversa721. You are a very kind person.


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9/25/2021 1:41:00 PM
redversa721 9/25/2021 1:07:11 PM

with regard to exit, I am sticking with what oldsmar52 said in his last few posts where he let the stocks just leave them as unsold.


I am still torn between two things:
* cut loss early
* or ride it out

With some pain, regrets and embarassment, I sometimes want to give myself a whack on the head
for cutting losses early. So, rightly or wrongly, I think I should ride out unrealized losses if I have
a multi-years investment horizon and if the instruments are good non-leveraged ETFs or some good
US blue chip stocks. I am not into options or leveraged instruments, which have built-in decays.

I'd leave you with this sarcastic post from a sarcastic Twitter account about his own trades:
Every trade started out as a scalp,
if my scalp fails, it becomes a day trade
If the day trade fails, it becomes a swing
If a swing fails, it becomes buy and hold.

As long as my positions are small and my unrealized losses are small, I can ride my poor trades out.

redversa721, thanks again for your crock pot posts.


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