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11/8/2019 12:45:03 PM

Entire candle including wick must be at least 70% within the (13week range 1 day ago). It's fine if part of it isn't within that 13week range, just as long as 70% of it is.

As for BEAT, it seems that at least 70% of its current range is within the 13week range 1 day ago, so it would qualify.

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11/8/2019 5:28:14 PM


Try this one and let me know.
Ed S.

/* KSK8: Attempting to find stocks that have a day range (high-low) that is in between 70 - 90 percent of the 13-week range. */
/* The big candle */

set{13wl,low 13 week low 1 day ago}
set{13wh,high 13 week high 1 day ago}
set{13wr,13wh - 13wl }
/*add column 13wr one day ago*/
set{13wr1, .3*13wr } add column 13wr1
set{13wr2, .7*13wr } add column 13wr2

set{13wlmin,13wl + 13wr1} add column 13wlmin
set{13whmin,13wl + 13wr2} add column 13whmin

set{DayRange,high - low}

set{PercentDayRange,dayrange / 13wr }

PercentDayRange > .70
PercentDayRange < .90

set{highst, count(high > 13wh,1)} add column highst add column high
set{lowst, count(low < 13wl,1)} add column lowst add column low
set{lowNGT, count(low less than or equal to 13wlmin ,1)} add column lowngt
set{highNLT, count(high greater than or equal to 13whmin ,1)} add column highnlt

set{hightest,highst * lowngt} add column hightest
set{lowtest,lowst * highnlt} add column lowtest
set{finaltest,hightest + lowtest}
add column finaltest > 0

/* The setup, edit/omit this part to find your setup */
/*average volume(30) > 123456*/
close > open
/*close > high 30 day high 1 day ago*/
chart-time is 14 weeks
do not draw percentdayrange
do not draw high 30 day high /*1 day ago*/
/* Debugging */
draw high 13 week high on plot close
draw low 13 week low on plot close
add column 13wl
add column 13wh
add column 13wr
add column DayRange
add column PercentDayRange

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11/11/2019 3:39:21 AM

Thanks nibor100!

By a glimpse it looks like it does the job, I'll check it out a little further later today.

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