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4/6/2021 7:11:28 PM

Fetcher[set{X, monthly EMA(5)}
set{Y, monthly EMA (24)}
draw X
Draw Y on plot X
price between .001 and 1
set{BUY, X crossed above Y}
draw buy
add column BUY
average volume (20) > 100000

draw POS8
draw POS38 on plot POS8
set{buy2, pos8 crossed above pos38}
draw buy2
add column pos8
add column pos8 2 day ago
add column pos38
add column pos38 2 day ago
add column pos38

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4/6/2021 7:13:37 PM

You can add 'stock is optionable" and change the price criteria ... this was just fooling around with micro pennies. Hope this is helpful to the community.

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6/26/2021 12:41:02 PM

I find this intriguing. I'm confused as to what the pos38 stands for in the plot. Could you please clarify? Than you

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6/26/2021 5:08:04 PM


When we had that discussion about GME, nibor100 asked us to find a filter that discovered GME before it shot up.
Some of us did find a few.
But none was as clear as yours above.

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6/26/2021 7:24:23 PM

Looks good after I did some refinement.

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6/27/2021 12:57:14 AM

The pos38 variable is the approximate relative percentage position of the ema(24) with respect to its highest and lowest value’s of the past 100 days because SF does not have monthly EMAs, just daily and weekly EMAs.

Ed S.

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6/27/2021 1:12:14 AM

This didn’t fair so well 2 years ago, perhaps it’s seasonal.

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6/29/2021 1:32:13 PM

I like the filter, but when I say chart display is weekly, on the chart it gives a number for weekly pos8. When I do this the numbers on the chart do not match what is in the columns. What I would like to do is simply add a column where the weekly pos8 on the chart matches what is in the column. Any ideas?
apply to symlist ( cei ) { can put any symbol you want in here }
chart display is weekly
add column weekly pos8

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