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8/4/2009 6:45:57 PM

Thanks John!

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6/10/2010 1:14:33 AM

Hi guys,

It appears that the StockFetcher code that is available here on this forum is drawing the Wrong Kumo Cloud (shaded area between SSA and SSB). I'm unable to attach a chart example here but I looked at few example and compared it with another broker's charts and realized that the SSA and SSAB are wrong.

Take example of C (Citigroup) if you see yesterday's candle (June 10) it suggests that the Candle is inside the Cloud while in my other chart the Kumo Cloud is much above this place.

Also, on SF chart the Switchover of Cloud (SSA crossing SSB) happened on 20th April while on the correct chart this switchover happened on 14th April ...

Unless I'm making some mistakes ... which I often do.

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10/4/2010 2:25:03 PM

Here is my version of the Ichimoku filter:

/* Ichimuko Bullish 3 days*/

find stocks where close is between 15 and 500
and average volume (90) is above 500000
and stocks are optionable

set{Tenkan_Sen, Middle Donchian Band(9,0)}
draw Tenkan_Sen on plot price

set{Kijun_Sen, Middle Donchian Band(26,0)}
draw Kijun_Sen on plot price

/*Chikou Span*/
set{Chikou_Span, DMA(1,-26)}
draw Chikou_Span on plot price

/*Senkou Span A*/
set{SSA1, Tenkan_Sen + Kijun_Sen}
set{SSA2, SSA1 / 2}
set{Senkou_Span_A, SSA2 26 days ago}
draw Senkou_Span_A on plot price

/*Senkou Span B*/
set{Senkou_Span_B, Middle Donchian Band(52,0) 26 days ago}
draw Senkou_Span_B on plot price

And Tenkan_Sen crossed above Kijun_Sen during the last 2 days
And slope of Tenkan_Sen is above 0 during the last 3 days
And close is above Senkou_Span_A
And close is above Senkou_Span_B

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1/6/2017 8:47:16 AM

Gents, I'm interested in creating an ichimoku filter for a longer time frame, using the parameters of 18, 52, and 104. Could you advise on the code modifications for this?

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7/11/2017 11:38:05 PM

Does anyone know how to adjust this to be applicable to weekly charts?

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