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4/15/2004 9:00:04 PM


A breakout is when there are more buyers than sellers. Many technicians use T/A and try to determine an entry point just before a breakout occurs for more real profit. That is a tricky business, Muddy's Method is as close to fool proof as it gets, because he looks for increased black volume (more buyers) and less red volume (sellers), a day of two before the breakout. Then he advocates waiting for a "green hold". I understand that to mean on the next trading day, plug in your watch list of stocks that have increased volume, and watch the stocks that open higher (green), then wait between 5-15 minutes for all the after hours trades to be entered by market makers, you may see a lot of fluctuation in that time, but after a few minutes the price will hold steady (green hold), it's a safe entry point right there, especially with increasing volume that day.

You may want to visit my site and read about the "Magic 11" entry system also;

BottomLineStocks is a "restricted member only" site so you have to join and be approved by me before reading my files and links section.

When I first started in SF I read every post here from day one, that gave me a good working knowledge, many names and references to go back to, as you may know there are many successful traders lurking in the background here at SF maybe 100's, and may be a little hesitant to post, because of the newbies questions, when you first join, you get all excited, I did too, looking for that "Magic Filter" that would make you money, but in the end you finally realize, that knowledge is power, and power is money. I sugguest you and other newbies join both mine and Muddy forums and read the posts there from beginning to end, then read SF beginning to end, have you done that?

Remember, keep filters simple, I see many new members putting together filters that would blow up some computers. All you really want to know is; the price, volume and the trend. I suggest putting all your picks into a 2y/w chart and get a good feel for the stock, as one insider puts it;

Study long-term charts. Begin a chart analysis with monthly and weekly charts spanning several years. A larger scale "map of the market" provides more visibility and a better long-term perspective on a market. Once the long-term has been established, then consult daily and intra-day charts. A short-term market view alone can often be deceptive. Even if you only trade the very short term, you will do better if you're trading in the same direction as the intermediate and longer term trends.

Spot the Trend and Go With It.

I won't be responding to any more questions on this thread, but I hope what I have said will be of some help.

Good Trading,


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4/15/2004 9:06:36 PM



yepher 4/15/2004 8:38:13 PM


This is an up date to the previous post. I did a bad job on that filter. I hope this is a little better:

bollinger(20) width has reached a 6 month low in the last 30 days
AND VROC(30) has reached a new 30 high in the last 5 days
AND price reached a new 6 month high in the last 1 days

I am not sure how to find the volume on the previous up day to see if it is higher than normal.

BTW, thanks for the input wallman.

-- Chris

How in the world do you think BB width could be at a low and price to be at a high, won't work.

That's kind of like asking, "show stocks reaching a new high, and price at a new low"


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4/15/2004 9:48:17 PM


Thanks for your continued interest, you are right bollinger width can not be at a low and price be at a high unless the stock is heavily trending up with very limited volatility (which is probably a good thing for longer term and more conservative traders).

But that is not what I was going for. My intent was that the stock was in a squeeze some period of time ago and then the price broke out after that. That is why I used the "days ago" clause. As you know with sufficient price breakout the bollinger slope will turn almost straight up and down to satify the criteria.

With that said this filter does not seem to produce the kind of stocks that satisfies my particular style. But I am getting more intrigued by the adaptibility of the bollinger bands. It is nice that John Bollinger was able to take such a simple idea and apply it this way.


I will continue my playing around with the bollinger bands. Thanks for the Luck and yes it did help.

-- Yepher

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4/16/2004 10:47:12 AM


Thanks for the discussion. That's probably the best description of "green hold" that I've seen in one place. It pretty much confirms what I though "green hold" ment, except I thought I've read in places that the stock can go green any time during regular trading. Maybe that's not the "official Muddy green hold"...

I'm already a member of bottomlinestocks and Muddy's Yahoo group. I've poked around in both, but haven't read them "cover to cover". I'll be sure to read up on the Magic 11 entry system, as well as the other posts & files eventually.

By the way, thanks for the post of 4/14 (6:35pm) to EWZuber where you mentioned CNLG. I got in yesterday, and closed it this morning for a nice profit. I sold too soon, but I really can't complain. Live and learn, I guess. (I'll be studying all of the stocks in that post to see what makes them "click"...)

Thanks for your help.


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4/19/2004 7:03:08 PM

If you go back to my 4-15 post you see i talk about that zone of EMA13 SMA20 on a pullback of recent sq/vol/break watches,the importance of this list was shown again today as 4 of the modified Darvas box watches i listed on my site, UBET ALAN IPIX TBUS had really fine days,another that hit the zone Friday with a hook slide of the price right between them,first time it's been there since its break on 4-6, STKR zoomed after opening slight red then going green,this stock traded on monster volume increase today after having trouble even breaking 100k before last week indicating a jump at the open tomorrow,a pattern many many of these momo stocks folllow,....good luck to all, Muddy

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5/21/2008 11:06:25 PM


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5/21/2008 11:23:36 PM

What the heck does POP mean??

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5/22/2008 1:57:37 AM

What the heck is with all this resurrection flashback? (By the way, "pop" means just that: popping the old forgotten thread back to the top. It has nothing to do with Coca-Cola or Andy Warhol, ggrrr.)

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5/22/2008 6:46:48 AM


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