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6/19/2013 9:57:29 AM

Announcing watch list result view.

This new view offers the ability to quickly view the watch list(s) that a symbol is a member of.

To enable this view click the "View->Table - Watch List":

Features include:
  • Quick add to a watch list:

  • Remove a symbol and or change the color associated with a watchlist:

    Note, at the current time, the filter results only shows the watch lists that match your filter results. In other words, if you have 50 saved watch lists but only 5 were matched to your filter results, the results view would only add 5 watchlist columns.

    Let us know if you have any questions or run into problems using this new feature.

    Best regards,
    StockFetcher Support

  • mahkoh
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    6/19/2013 5:33:13 PM

    Nice feature, thanks. Two things:

    If I change the color for a watchlist I would like this setting to be saved.

    It seems the watchlists appear in a random order, I first need to find out which column corresponds to which watchlist.
    Could you arrange to have them appear in alphabetical order?

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    6/20/2013 6:25:30 AM


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have added support for sorting the watch list nick names in ascending order.

    Also, the color saving issue should now be resolved. Let us know if you continue to see this problem.

    StockFetcher Support

    Marco Sicily
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    6/20/2013 3:40:36 PM

    Could you please allow us to set default settings for watch lists so that we do not need to re-do this every time we create a new watch list. Most traders use the same indicators and settings on each watchlist and to be forced to set this up over and over is an annoyance. Thank you.

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    6/20/2013 3:46:50 PM

    The "copy" function should accomplish this. If that feature is not working for you, please let us know.

    Thank you,

    StockFetcher Support

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